Government of India to fund the travels of tourists visiting 15 places in a year

Government of India to fund the travels of tourists visiting 15 places in a year

The Central Government has announced that it will reward travelers who are going to visit 15 domestic tourist destinations within one year. The government will reward them by sponsoring their travel expenses as an incentive to boost travel, as per a statement by the Union Minister Prahlad Singh Patel.

The Union Tourism Minister had also announced at the concluding ceremony of the two-day National Tourism Conference that was organized by the Odisha government in association with FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry) at Konark.

The Tourism Ministry of India will be sponsoring the travel expenses of those tourists who will visit 15 domestic destinations in India in a year after they submit their photographs to our website," Patel further added. Although there is one condition to this that the tourist should be traveling out of the state where they live.

In the 'Paryatan Parv' initiative of the Union Government, they have decided that a person should travel to over 15 tourist destinations of India by the year 2022. The Ministry of Tourism has intended to fund those who complete this task within the time of one year, Patel said.

He further said that "This should not be seen as a monetary benefit but as an incentive. We should be giving honor to these people like the brand ambassadors of Indian Tourism."

The Sun Temple at Konark has also been included in the list of the 'iconic sites'. There will be a special event to announce the inclusion of the Sun Temple at Konark in the list of the 'iconic sites' of India soon.

One of the top priorities of the tourism ministry of India is to Boost domestic traveling in India. India has a lot of potentials to grow in the tourism sector which will help to introduce the people to the different cultures and languages within the country as well as financially supporting the hospitality industry, the local vendors, keeping up of the historical sites and many other reasons.

Rupinder Brar, the additional director general of tourism said in a statement, "The Ministry of Tourism has been engaged in various activities such as organizing several certificate programs for candidates who are looking to work as tourist guides in the country. Although the Odisha Government's participation in this program is very low and there is a need to enhance it. Furthermore, the Odisha government should also encourage the students and candidates to participate in the certificate courses.

Mr Soubhagya Mohapatra, the Chairman of the Ficci Eastern Tourism Committee, said in a report that there should be more tourist trains that will enable the connection between various tourist sites. He added, "The Centre should coordinate with the various states to introduce more tourist trains that will connect the many undiscovered gems of our country.

On the second day of the National Conference, a Memorandum of Intent (MoI) was signed between the Odisha government and Gujarat with the aim of cross-promotion of the tourist destinations in both these states and across the country as well.

A formal Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)with the mention of the key frameworks and policies is going to be signed soon after discussing with the relevant departments of both Odisha and Gujarat, Mr. Sachin Ramchandra Jadhav, the Director of Tourism, Government of Odisha said in a statement.

To apply for becoming eligible to claim the rewards, simply visit the tourism website and submit your photos that will support your claim. After completing this step, and submitting all the necessary details, the tourism ministry will sponsor the trips of the qualified individuals.

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