Halloween festival 2019

Halloween festival 2019

This October if you want to attend the most unparallel festival of this world, then turned your head towards Halloween Festival 2019. This is the weirdest festival as the party always connotes the best outfits with flawless makeup but when you are ready to attend the Halloween festival of the year then you must look fierce.  Whenever we talk about the Halloween festival one might have opinion differences regarding the festival, but the best part is every individual wants to have some different experience at every stage of life.

So don’t think about the controversies regarding the Halloween festival, just depart yourself at different venues take Salem, Massachusetts and Sleepy Hollow, New York, for exampleand enjoy Halloween Festival on 31st Oct 2019. It is celebrated on this day has a long history back to many ages. On the day corresponding to November 1 on contemporary calendars, the new year was believed to begin. This is considered to be the commencement of the winter period and it is believed that during the Samhain festivals the souls of died come to their home as visitors and those who died in the same year depart themselves to another outer world during this period. 

Halloween parties are marked with a number of activities. The practice of pulling usually harmless pranks and the celebrants of the Halloween generally move from house to house to pull a trick unless and until they will have retreated with the candy as a treat. It is the same as the Roman celebration of the Pomona. On the last Thursday in October, Halloween festival is celebrated, the truth is there is no written evidence that 31 October was linked to the supernatural in England before the 19th century. 

The idea of Halloween, as a festival of Supernatural evil forces, is truly a modern concept. Urban legends, use apples and cyanide in sweets, hauntings of restless spirits, and the use of masks as in films often reflects the modern concepts of fear and the terrors. 

Another concept behind the Halloween parties is that the Catholics believe that they ring the bells of Churches, and light candles and torches on 1st November which marks their connection with the spirit world. This was believed to be a sort of ‘halfway house’ on the road to Heaven, and it was thought their ghosts could return to earth to ask relatives for assistance in the journey.

The costumes of the day can be like that of a demon, devil, ghost, mummy, monsters, etc. Vampires, werewolves can be the other options too. The house or the venue is decorated with small trinkets that are meant to have an association with the evil spirits. The making of Jack-O-Lantern is custom followed by the Irish Folklore. The candle is placed inside a hollowed pumpkin and the face is carved in a scary way. After the party, the pumpkins are given mass burial. 

Treat with fun and tricks are practiced by children and elders which is marked as a part of fun. There is also another activity involved in Halloween parties, the unmarried women, sit in the darkroom with a candle in hand and they look into the mirror for a long time and it’s is believed that the face of soulmates appears in the mirror. 

So what you all are waiting for, just look ugly, try smoky eyes, metallic paints be like a monster and be the part of Halloween festival 2019 at different venues across many cities. 

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