Hawaii removes COVID-19 travel isolation requirements from March 26

Hawaii removes COVID-19 travel isolation requirements from March 26

David Igee cited the government as saying the protocol was a key factor in saving lives and controlling the spread of Covid-19 in the islands, which had an isolation period of 14 days for air travelers. Implemented for the first time in 2020. , Hawaii now has the lowest number of coronavirus infections in the country.

Hawaii is planning to change its COVID-19 quarantine requirement for travellers this month, March 26.This way, immigrants to the United States no longer have to show proof of vaccination or negative tests.

Gradually, they started using vaccines and test cases. Ege said the government has tested 11.3 million passengers since the testing exemption began in October 2020.
So far international tourists do not have to go into isolation, but have to provide evidence for vaccination and negative testing.

The governor said the state health department would also review the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The pandemic is not over, but he said he is proud of how the community has responded to the pandemic.

Hawaii “It is about our people, our place and our culture, they come from different backgrounds, but they always understand that they are more willing to sacrifice individual needs for the betterment of the community,” explained the governor. This is the reason. We were ready to do it over and over again.

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