Himachal Pradesh issues Covid-19 curbs as tourists rush to hills

Himachal Pradesh issues Covid-19 curbs as tourists rush to hills

The Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh has met the Deputy Commissioners of all the provinces and they have been given the responsibility to take appropriate steps to prevent the spread of omicron in the new COVID-19 by 2022.

Due to the recent snowfall in Himachal Pradesh, there is an influx of tourists in the snow-covered Solang valley of Manal.

The train runs on the Kalka-Shimla bridge. Shimla Railway Superintendent Joginder Singh said that Shimla Railway Administration is trying to implement the Kovid-19 protocol amidst the Omicron issue.

"Today there are good tourists, 95% of the trains are full. But for the Omron version, we try to follow the rules. The passengers are happy and excited. They are fighting code-19. We follow the instructions " Hopefully this will be the season of tourism, bring business that is good for everyone, because on January 10 we will be full, and will attract a lot of tourists after the snowfall.
I am from Hyderabad and have come here to celebrate New Year. There is no fear now, we know the rules, we try to push the community and try to wear masks,” said Shravan, a tourist from Hyderabad.

Himachal Pradesh Health Minister Dr. Rajiv Saizal said that the State Government has met Chief Ministers and Deputy Commissioners of all the districts and instructed them on how to implement COVID-19.

“Currently there is only one case of Omicron CoVID-19 in the country, and it is noted that this is not good, four governments do not want. The ban on tourism is a source of income for hundreds of people.” They said. .

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