Holi 2022 : Best places to visit during holi in india

Holi 2022 : Best places to visit during holi in india

Of all the religious festivals celebrated in India, Holi is the most visited outside the country and by 2021, India's Holi 2022 festival will coincide with the Easter weekend, making it one of the most visited festivals in India. Will go fat chance. Patience usually signifies the victory of good over evil and the beginning of the traditional harvest. and decoration the photos show.

However, the ground truth is probably far away - especially for foreigners. Holi is celebrated in different ways by different sections of the population, but social norms surround them. Going to market, more and more enthusiasts can expect youth 'pong' coloring (a potent cannabis product) and jumping cycling. ,

So before planning any trip, read the list of best places to celebrate Holi 2022 and beyond, best suited for the most organized and serene place.

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The Burj region of India, between Delhi and Agra, parallels the Hindu god Krishna associated with the festival of Holi. Its capital, Mathiran, is believed to be its birthplace, and the local temple hosts some of the biggest and most spectacular festivals in the country, attracting thousands of shepherds, most of whom travel by open truck from their village. The best example of this is the Dwarka temple, where a group of devotees gather under a purple umbrella on the morning of Holi to sing, dance and make announcements enjoy you holi 2022 in mathura

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The center of Holi celebrations in this Krishna-loving city is the Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan. If you have seen pictures of a densely populated courtyard full of people from head to toe in purple, red and pink, they must have been drawn here. That's when the incident happened. Only a fool would try both

As a peaceful alternative, visit the Gopinath Temple, where thousands of white-clad widows from across the city gather to throw roses and hundreds of kilos of raw flowers at each other to celebrate the festival. A more beautiful and humble sight than Banke Bihari

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Holi 2022 , It is worth visiting during Barsana Holi near Mathura, where an unusual ceremony takes place in the afternoon. Men from neighboring Nandgaon walked down a narrow lane leading to the main temple of Krishna, until a line of women with large wooden sticks stopped their progress. The rituals performed by the women with great enthusiasm are dominated by the special armor of the men's skin – which is admired by a large crowd of spectators covered in a brightly colored dazzling dust.

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Half an hour's drive from Mathura, the Daoji Temple in this small town is a popular destination for tourists where they can watch their great deities play Holi the next day. At the end of the celebrations, the crowd will turn into a big Holi game and yellow and saffron will be the main colors of yellow go there and enjoy Holi 2022 with family .

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Holi was celebrated in the Pink City with a large procession of elephants, in which the Maharaja mounted his gold stone on a large ivory tusk, similar to the Mughal concept. Although the event has been banned since 2012 due to animal welfare concerns, Jaipur has become a hot spot for Holi 2022. An important focal point was a large banquet in the palace, which was organized by the royal family with the help of local philanthropists. Tickets are like gold dust, but we can arrange them if we book in advance. The local tourism office hosts traditional Rajasthani folk music and dance performances in the luxurious old Gaza Gothi Hotel, and the Govind Devji Temple throws the quintessential 'Kulal' dust while maintaining a religious and devotional atmosphere throughout the city. , The heart of the City Palace is the place where Lord Krishna and Radha are adorned with flowers and beautiful 'sacred hymns' (songs).

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