Hosting a Halloween House Party? Things to Remember- Ngtraveller

Hosting a Halloween House Party? Things to Remember- Ngtraveller

Halloween is coming up and we know you're super excited! In case you are throwing a Halloween party this year, we are happy to help!
When you're planning a party, there are a lot of things to take care of, like giving the house a festive makeover, organizing the food, etc. And when it comes to Halloween, you have to add a spooky element to everything!

Let's make all the planning a little easier for you. Here are some things to remember to throw the best Halloween party!

Send quirky invites

Send quirky invites

Let's face it, invitations play a huge role in deciding whether or not to go to the party. And when it comes to your invitations to the October 31 celebration, you have to go a little (or maybe a lot) to impress your guests. So, you can buy some invitation cards with images of ghosts, scary pumpkins, spiders, and skeletons. Or you can make the card yourself. If you are making flashcards, here are some suggestions. Choose the color combination of black and orange or black and red. For the letter on the card, use crooked lines. And don't forget to mention the location, time, and costume details on the invitation card.

Set up a Halloween theme, Halloween House Party

Set up a Halloween theme

Now comes the funniest part, which is defining a theme for your Halloween event. Host a costume contest, go on a spooky adventure, or keep a gothic, gory, or zombie theme to make it look interesting. Decide on a theme and plan the party accordingly. If lighting environment is your concern, keep ghosts and friendly lanterns on for appearance. But if you want to raise the level of horror in the room, then witches and vampires should be your choice.

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Decorate to Scare, Halloween House Party

Decorate to Scare

If there's something to keep in mind when decorating your Halloween party celebration, it's never a must! A ready-to-use Halloween decorating plan. Go decorate shopping and get all the Halloween decor items like cup nets, scarecrows, lanterns, slime and fog machines and decorate the party room like never before. Get some pumpkin decorations too, because Halloween without pumpkins seems incomplete!

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You can also get motion sensor decorations at night and welcome your guests with boos and creepy gossip. On that note, don't forget the ticket. Stick some artificial ghost figures on the door and watch your guests scream as they enter!

Arrange for Halloween food, Halloween House Party

Arrange for Halloween food

I can't think of a party without food! And when it comes to Halloween, every meal needs a spooky makeover. Get the recipes online and cook up some ghost cookies, brain dumplings, French fingers, and all the great Halloween food you can think of. Also add unique names to go with the theme. You can also make staples and turn them into something exotic. For example, add canned strawberries to your cake to make it look like blood when you cut it. Or you can make scary faces out of marshmallows and serve them as starters. By the way, Halloween candy is a must! Also, be sure to prepare the food before the party starts, so you don't have to rush to the kitchen every now and then during the party and miss out on the fun.

Add those scary drinks, Halloween House Party

Add those scary drinks

Halloween festivals are incomplete without drinks. With that said, say no to the usual drinks and think of something spooky. Hire a bartender and have him make amazing drinks like Witch Heart, Vampire Kiss Martini, and Sweet Corn Cocktail. You can also do it yourself, youtube tutorials will help you. Even easier than that, just make some simple drinks and add red or black food coloring to them. You'll be fine! Here is a simple idea of how to serve the drink.

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Pour it into a cauldron and let your guests serve themselves. Surprise them with a zombie hand shovel.

We believe that games are the life of the party. And if you believe in the same, then, without waiting too long, organize scary games to keep your guests entertained. The Hocus pocus card game, Pumpkin Carving, Truth or Fear (yes, a version of the Truth and Dare game), Candy Jenga (just replace the Jenga blocks with candy and chocolates) and Halloween I spy are some of the best games that you can organize the night. . Or you can keep it simple with a game of hide and seek. Although this is a classic game, playing it in a scary environment will definitely make it more exciting.

Arrange for a costume competition

You really wouldn't have the best Halloween party if you hadn't hosted a costume contest. Fashion contests are essential to show off your time. So, ask your guests to dress up in fancy costumes on the day of the Halloween celebration. At the end of the party, have everyone vote and choose the best costume. Remember to reserve prizes for the best costumes.

Here's an extra dose of fun for your party! Move up the ranks for the professional evil vagabonds. Let them rock the stage with their exciting performance and lift the spirits of the party in the process! If you're in the mood for a performance, learn a few tricks online and enjoy the party.

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You can also call guests on stage and ask them to perform to their favorite tunes. When we say stage, even a corner of the room with a spotlight would be fine!

Want to add more to the Halloween mood? Does scary music playing in the background sound good? So you know what to do. Make a playlist and let it run throughout the party. Here are some classic Halloween songs. Bobby Pickett's Monster Mash, Blue Oyster Cult's Donn't Fear The Reaper, and Ray Parker Jr.'s Ghost Busters and Somebody's Watching Me from Rockwell.

Gifts at the end of the show? Hell yeah! Since everyone loves gifts, you can organize a gift bag for all of your guests. If you ask us, leave those basics behind and fill them with haunted things like vampire teeth, sticky candy, silly threads, slime, fake blood, and costume masks. Basically anything scary will do! In case you're wondering, you can easily shop for Halloween gifts at discounted digital stores!

Now you know what you can do at the scariest Halloween party this year. So, go ahead and start planning! And here I wish you all a very Happy Halloween!