Hyatt Regency Mumbai suspends operations due to lack of funds

Hyatt Regency Mumbai suspends operations due to lack of funds

The five-star Hyatt Regency Mumbai issued a notice on Monday informing listing staff that funds would not be received from Asian Hotels (West) Ltd, which owns the property, to allow for salary payments or to support the hotel's own operations. Therefore, Hyatt Regency Mumbai suspends the hotel must remain closed until further notice.

Hyatt Regency is located across the road from Sahar Airport, close to ITC Maratha and Hilton Mumbai International Airport.

Less than a kilometer from the Hyatt Regency are three other five-star hotels, the JW Marriott, The Lalit, and The Leela. It is very likely that these properties will benefit from the closing of the Hyatt.

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“This is to inform all hotel employees on the list that funds will not be received from Asian (West) Hotels Corporation Limited, owner of the Hyatt Regency Mumbai, to allow for the payment of salaries or to support the hotel's operations. As a result, a decision has been taken to temporarily suspend all operations of the Hyatt Regency Mumbai with immediate effect. "The hotel will be closed until further notice," said the memo, signed by the hotel's general manager, Hardeep Marwah

Meanwhile, senior management said Hyatt is working closely with the hotel owner to resolve this situation as soon as possible. Hyatt Regency Mumbai suspends till further notice.

The suspension of Hyatt Regency operations coincides with the same day the Maharashtra government eased several local restrictions.