One of the most dazzling and alluring places in India  with three uninhabited satellite - Kalpeni Island

One of the most dazzling and alluring places in India with three uninhabited satellite - Kalpeni Island

If this vacation you want to add one more unforgettable chapter in your travel diary then depart yourself to Kalpeni Island, it is inhabited atoll in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep. Kalpeni Island, one of the most dazzling and alluring places in India is located northeast of Kavaratti in Lakshadweep. It is famous for its unparallel beautiful lagoon which is surrounding the island and is highly rich in coral life. Kalpeni has three uninhabited satellite islands too, but the beauty of lagoon is truly spectacular. The tourist's facilities are located in Koomel. Besides the Koomel, tourists can swim, reef walks, snorkel or use water sports equipment like kayaks, and sailboatsIt is a gently curving bay, which directly overlooks two islands namely Pitti and Thilakkm.  The tourist facilities on the island include accommodation in privately managed huts.  

As per Arab writers, Kalpeni Island is a group of three small islands and is known as one of the most beautiful and impressive islands of Lakshadweep. It offers various water sport activities like snorkeling and sea kayaking ......It is said that Kalpeni Island possesses one of the biggest lagoons in the Lakshadweep Islands. It is 2800 meters long and 1200 meters wide. Kalpeni is the second nearest island. The island is more prominent for its three islands known as Pitti, Tilakkam, and Cheriyam. 

Best time to Visit Kalpeni island 

The best season to visit Kalpeni Island is the winter season and the onset of summers. The best time to hit this serene location is between the months of November –March. The climate remains pleasant during these months and I am sure you will have the best holiday experience. 

How to Reach Kalpeni Island 

By Air:  The nearest airport from Kalpeni Island is Agatti Airport. The airport is a roughly five-hour boat trip from Kalpeni. Agatti Airport is well connected to Kochi, which can be the second nearest International Airport to reach Kalpeni. 

By Rail:  Kochi Railway station is located at a distance of 313 km from Kalpeni and it is the nearest railway station from Kochi. From Kochi, the tourists need to fly to Aggati and then take a boat.

Top attractions of Kalpeni island 

Kalpeni Beach 

This is a wonderful place for tourists to enjoy and relax. The adventure-seeking soul may satisfy themselves while enjoying water sports like pedal boats and sea Kayaking. This is a shallow beach, which has attractive lagoons and the golden sands. The bluish water all around and the sunlight peeking through the cloudy skies make the beach mesmerizing. The beach assures the soothing time for the tourists to relax and enjoy the serene natural beauty. 

Juma Mosque 

The Juma Mosque is founded by missionary Ubadidullah. It is the prime attraction of the island. The story behind the foundation of the Juma Mosque lies behind the dream of Ubadidullah. Once he was praying in Medina, he dreamt of going to distant places to preach Islam. He visited almost all the Islands of Lakshadweep and then moved towards Kalpeni for the same purpose. 


This is another prime attraction of Kalpeni Island. It is a cylindrical shaped 37 m high structure used for ship navigation. The tower is having black and white bands. This lighthouse has three white flashes that blinks every 20 seconds and cover the area of 33.33 km. 

Best hotels to stay in Kalpeni

Kalpeni is the most preferred destination for couples, kids, and families. Kalpeni provides different accommodation options for every type of traveler out there. From luxury to budget hotels Kalpeni offers huge accommodation options. 

Type of Property

Kalpeni offers accommodation options like B&B/Guest house/Hostel/Lodge. Each of these options provides a wide range of amenities. Tourists Huts are among the highly-rated hotels in Kalpeni. The price range starts from INR 2500 a day but it will be worth paying in terms of facilities, quality of rooms and overall stay experiences. Some tourist huts are also available at a tariff of INR 1000 per day. 

Kalpeni too offers wide options of 3 star and 5-star hotels and resorts within your budget. The price ranges with their tariffs from Rs 500 to prices above Rs 10,000 per night. 

If you are planning Kalpeni during off-seasons then, you may get cheaper deals. 


CheryamTilakkam, and Pitti are the most mesmerizing islets of Kalpeni Island. Stunning scenes of coral reefs add more to its attractions. Sunlight on the water gives the most incredible view of aquamarine. The sunlight causes the millions of aquamarines to sparkle and flash just like diamonds. The most amazing is to enjoy water sports including Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Reef walking, canoeing, kayaking, and sailing yachts. Naturally, this place is among the must-see places in Lakshadweep.

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