Kolkata: A Sweet-Able Tour Around The City Of Joy

Kolkata: A Sweet-Able Tour Around The City Of Joy

Kolkata, it is believed that in Kolkata every 100 meters the language changes, being there you will realize that it is true. But not only has the language changed but the whole culture. Even it did not surprise you that its gastronomy is equally diverse. There is no such thing as a typical Kolkata meal. It is believed that food in Kolkata is something that is compared to Fish in the Water. There are hundreds of variations of dishes, each of which is absolutely delicious no matter where you try it. Far from the most tourist circuits such as those that run through the state of Rajasthan, or the cities of Agra and Varanasi, Kolkata continues to be a great unknown to the general public. The city of Kolkata deserves a displacement by all those who can afford to extend their stay in India and want to soak up their culture and experience in their own flesh. But when it comes to foods, sweets, and treats, Kolkata comes in first place. Before continuing to the foods, lets have a walk around. If you want to know amazing food in Kolkata, you must look at these top selections. Tremendously cloying, or delicious, depending on what you see. 

Famous sweet stores in Kolkata

Talk about sweets and not mentioning Kolkata, it cannot be so. If you ever went to Kolkata, then you should know such special dessert shops where Rosogollah, Sandesh and Mishti Doi are famous all over Kolkata. Lets have a look at the oldest sweet shops in Kolkata where you can taste the delicious sweets.


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It has 27 outlets in Bengal. Apart from this, it is also known for Indrani and Mishti Doi. Here with sweets, you can also buy snacks, chocolates and non-egg products such as cakes, pastries, and muffins. All these sweets are made in a traditional way according to the time. This is one of their great recipes. This is one of the best sweets that sells in record numbers in Kolkata after the Rosogollah or even higher. This is sweet is usually made with sweet paste, sugar, almond and various such ingredients even you can find various species of them in any store. Nalen gunner Sandesh is one of them.

Sen Mahashy

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Sen Mahashy started in the 19th century by Ashutosh Sen from a small shop. This store is famous for many sweets such as Ratabi Message and Aar Khabo, Golapi Message, Country Gourb, Dorbesh, Monmatano, Monohora, Malai Arc and Pink Pride. You can get to try their summer special mango sweets. Starting off with their Aam Doi, that was truly one-of-a-kind. For one, they are absolutely gorgeous to taste at with awesome flavors. Mango Chanar Brule is baked mango pudding in a glass having real mango at the bottom and a small Rosogollah in middle. Real mango at the bottom of the glass was an awesome surprise, very innovative. The detail and effort that goes into each sweet were impressive.

Girish Chandra Dey

This shop, which started in 1844, still pulls a lot of people towards it. It is a great way to create the message. Whether you want to eat your sweet food or not, you definitely go to this shop located in North Kolkata. Feel the taste of chocolate cream rolls, rice balls, and Choco hurricanes. You can try their various kinds of sweet recipes and chhana-sweet is among them. You can choose any of them or may be all but they are worth tasting. The price is not so high and easily affordable. There are many traditional sweets which include Sandesh, Rosogollah, and laddoo etc. You can get trendy sweets with chocolate. You can get the traditional Patisapta, chandrapuli etc.

C. Das

Not a single thing shy of amazing. If you have a sweet tooth, welcome to heaven. If you don't have a sweet tooth, be prepared to develop a sweet tooth and then go to heaven. Seriously, you can get the best sweets ever. This dessert shop was built by K.C. Dass father, Nobin Chandra Das Did in 1866. Casey Das, who created Rasmalai, opened the first shop in 1930. This shop is known for its famous Rosogollah but besides this, there are some things like Cham-Cham, Lal Mohan, Misty Doi, and Raj-Bhog. It is one of the oldest businesses in Bengali sweetmeats. It is said to have invented and perfected Rosogollah. A vast range of Rosogollah, Sandesh, Mishti Dahi and innumerable sweetmeats available any time of day Balram Mallick and Radharam Mallick Their seasonal menus are always changing so it's always wonderful to try something new. Their Mango Gelato Sandesh was so fruity, just unimaginable creation. They are dense and rich. They have something for everyone. Some of the favorites include the Aam Doi, Mango Chanar Brule, and the Mango Gelato Sandesh. They just elevate their already amazing sweets to a whole other level. Every sweet you have, you never want it to end. Great place for quality Sandesh and Mishti Doi and clean place. The sweets qualities are really figured licking.

Conclusion: in the end

Dessert and Kolkata are synonymous with each other. It is as old as the culture of the city. As much as local people like sweet, tourists also come from outside likes the dessert of those shops which are nearly a century old whether this is a traditional message of Balram Malik and Radharam Malik or Bhim Chandra Naga's Laddikeny. So, if you are thinking to get an amazing sweet treat with friend and family, what could be better than Kolkata? The sweets of Kolkata will always inspire you to eat more. If you visit in Kolkata there is so much to taste. Sweet is one of them. The Bengali loves sweets. To prove it, you just have to go for a while on any street and in less than five minutes you stumble upon two or three bakeries full of these little delicacies wrapped in aluminum foil. Indian sweets are so sweet that it forces you to fall in love with it.