Live In Comfortable And Affordable Houseboats In Kerala

Live In Comfortable And Affordable Houseboats In Kerala

A trip to Kerala is a treat the eyes of almost everyone. The beauty, the peace, and calm is one of a kind and cannot be replaced by any other place. Kerala is known as Gods Own Country and for a good reason. Unlike other states, you cannot finish watching and enjoying this beautiful and outstanding example of Mother Nature in just a few days. You need to have a lot of time in your hand to get involved with the land of Kerala. Every single city of Kerala is one to witness. The most unique feature of Kerala is the backwaters of Kerala.

What Are The Backwaters?

The Kerala backwaters are a long chain of water bodies, composed of brackish lakes and lagoons. They lie parallel to the Malabar Coast, also known as the Arabian Sea coast. The backwater of Kerala includes a network of water bodies, mainly of five large lakes that are linked with each other by canals, natural and human-made. They are fed by thirty-eight rivers and extend and cover virtually the entire length of the state of Kerala. The backwaters of Gods Own Country were formed by the action of shores and wave currents that helped create the low barrier islands across the beginnings of several rivers flowing down from the ranges of the Western Ghats. There are more than about 900 kilometers of the waterway. Many cities and towns lie along the backwaters, these help in forming the starting and ending points of different cruising points. The cruising points are used for the famous houseboat cruises.

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Houseboats Of The Backwaters

backwaters of Kerala,Houseboats are houses that are built on top of long and widely-built boats

Houseboats are houses that are built on top of long and widely-built boats. These houses are mainly used for and by the people to travel in and around the backwaters, to enjoy the scenic beauty and to spend some time with Mother Nature. The houseboats are built for the express purpose of letting people know more and see more of the beautiful creation of Nature. An essential lake that is visited by the majority of the people is the Vembanad, the largest of the lakes. It has a broad connection of canals that breathe through the region of Kuttanad. Some of the features of the backwaters are-

  1. The unique feature of the backwaters is the ecosystem, in which freshwater from the rivers mixes with the water of the sea and joins the Arabian Sea.

  2. The water is used for irrigational purposes.

  3. Many unique types of aquatic species live in the backwaters, including both, plant life and animal life.

To help you see all these unique features of the backwaters, the houseboats were built by the Malayali people of Kerala. The houseboats can be of different shapes and sizes and can be hired by you, according to the type of houseboat you like. Houseboats help you, the tourists, to swim through and live and enjoy the beautiful scenic vision of the backwaters of Kerala. The way you can find different kinds of houseboats according to your comfort and ease and need. You can either hire a private houseboat or make use of the grand upper deck houseboats for a corporate or official get together with business partners or even for a family holiday. You can avail a variety of houseboats with different kinds of accommodations. You can find the following houseboats for a comfortable and relaxing cruise through the magnificent backwaters of Kerala-

  1. Upper Deck Houseboats- The corporate sector of the society have mostly preferred the upper deck houseboats. The upper decks have an increased number of rooms and also have a leisure cruise that lasts for a day or two which helps in setting the perfect atmosphere for you to mix your work, comfort, and pleasure. On upper deck houseboats, you can have your conference meetings and then head up to the deck to enjoy your lunch, while enjoying the beauty. The upper deck houseboats are air-conditioned and well furnished. The houseboats are decorated with state-of-the-art gadgets. You can also make arrangements for audio-video presentations, television, internet, video conferencing and so on.

  2. Punting Houseboats- The process of the punts rising towards the sky and descending into the water, gradually slicing the backwaters is a scene that is almost hypnotic to watch. The punting process wants the strength to rise and drop in the serene waters and to view the boatman do that with his bare hands is fantastic to watch. The punting boats of present-day offer you a beautiful experience, where you get the tremendous opportunity to grow along with the scenic locations. You can shop from the sellers at the banks; watch the various aquatic animals, etc. Some punting boats are solar-powered. A punting ship requires a ten-foot depth for the motor to function and the oarsman punting helps with that.

  3. Motorboats Or Speedboats- Unlike the above two types, speedboats or boats are a must faster and affordable way to experience the beauty of the backwaters. There are various kinds of motorboats that have different types of seating capacity that may vary from accommodation for ten to fifty passengers. The costs for a houseboat that uses a motor are different for an hour-long cruise, depending upon the kind of motorboat you want to choose. The lesser is the seating capacity, the higher will be the price. The options for hiring an open boat and a covered speedboat are also available.

Why Should You Hire A Houseboat?

Houseboats of the various kinds are very helpful in allowing you to enjoy the beautiful backwaters of Kerala. The different types of options that the different builders provide to you help in choosing the comfort you want and need, and it can be guaranteed that you will not be disappointed. From the service to the cleanliness, everything in and about the houseboats are very exciting. The houseboats help you not only to stay in personal contact with the exceptional and beautiful location of Kerala but also to spend a spend a heart-to-heart time with your family, away from all the crowd and noises of the cities, away from all the tensions of life.