London’s Top 7 Restaurants You Need To Know

Londons Top 7 Restaurants You Need To Know

According toa study conducted by the Good Food Guide, L'Enclume that is located in a very small Cumbrian village in London is the best restaurant in London. There are more such restaurants that are considered among the top ones in the city and are loved by the people for the good quality food they serve, the ambience and more.Starting from the award winner L'Enclume in Mayfair to the exquisite menu at the restaurant story in the Bermondsey, given below are the top restaurants of London:L'Enclume Restaurant: Not only is the food great here, the behaviour of the staff is also worth mentioning. The fast service that they provide is also appreciable. The food has unique and exciting flavours and is finger-licking good. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay: The Restaurant Gordon Ramsay which is in Chelsea is generally believed to be chef Gordon Ramsay Flagship restaurant and has three major Michelin stars against its name. It also offers the guests some of the best deserts like lemonade parfait and trusts me- they dont just taste good but look beautiful too. Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester: Chef Ducasse is one of the best-known chefs when it comes to French food. He has his own restaurant at the Mayfair hotel in London that is called the Dorchester. It has been rewarded with three stars in a survey for serving some of the unique kinds of dishes like lobster with the truffled chicken starter.Pollen Street Social: The Pollen Street Social is regarded as one of the best ones in London and has been successful in taking over Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. This is a restaurant that has been successful in serving some of the best dishes like chocolate and the cherry deserts at a wonderful ambience. It has also won an award in Good Food Guide Editors Award. The Ledbury: This is a famous eatery that was opened by Chef Brett at the Notting Hill when he was just 25 years and it has earned him two Michelin stars. It serves some of the best dishes like the caramelised banana galette with salted caramel.The Greenhouse: The Greenhouse is generally believed to be one of the best two Michelin starred restaurants in the Mayfair and is a new entry to the Good Food Guide top 50 restaurants. One of the best dishes it serves is the chestnut and yuzu added with honey and Guinness ice cream. 40 Maltby Street: The natural wine, the DIY decor and the excellent food here will make you come back. The train running overhead and the ever-changing menu is two more unique factors that will help you in choosing it. So these are some of the top restaurants in London. If you have ever visited them then you know the reason why they have made it to the top seven. And in case you havent, try to book an appointment soon!