Mt Everest visible from Bihar after decades

Mt Everest visible from Bihar after decades

With each passing day of the continuous blockade of COVID-19, more and more surprises escape. Recently, Dhauladhars has been seen from the Punjabi city of Jalandhar; High white peaks of the Gangotri Mountains can be seen from the Sahara Desert in UP.
Now, believe it or not, you can now see Mount Everest from a village in Bihar, to the nation's amazement! All this is due to the fact that air pollution is the lowest in decades in the current shutdown.

The sight of Mount Everest surprised the residents of Singahene Village on Monday 4 May.

Brian Kaswan, who works in Indian forest services, has tweeted the picture of Everest and the surrounding mountain range to post the news on her Twitter account.

However, the news was actually delivered by Ritu Jaiswal, Mukhiya from Gram Panchayat, Singhwahini. She tweeted excitedly, saying that villagers can see Everest from their balcony.

A user commented on the tweet of the historical event, "Now this is a serious achievement."
India has been closed since March 25 to control the increasing cases of coronavirus infection in the country. The same has been attributed to a number of positive changes on the environmental front, from cleaner rivers and beaches to the return of indigenous animal species to their habitats.

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