Your complete guide to winter trip to Mukteshwar

Your complete guide to winter trip to Mukteshwar

Nainital in Uttarkhand might be a familiar name with the tourist but Mukteshwar still remains under its cover of clouds, discovered by very few tourists. Mukteshwar is a beautiful hill station, one that might look right out of a painting, and one that might be too good to be real. It is part of the Kumaon hills and is a haven for trekking and hiking enthusiasts. With various fruit orchards and plenty of fruits like apple, plum and oranges waiting for the visitors, Mukteshwar makes any tourist fall in love with the area and the beauty of it. Winters are the best at Mukteshwar with the temperature touching almost 0 degrees. It is when the hills wear on their snowcaps and the whole place looks at its best. Here are a few places to visit at Mukteshwar during your winter trip and the activities you can do around the town. 

  1. Sitla

Sitla is a beautiful hill station located almost 6000 feet above the sea level. It has many colonial-style bungalows and a panoramic view of the three Himalayan peaks – Panchachuli, Nanda Devi and Trishul. With dense forest and many orchards around, it is a perfect sightseeing spot for tourists. Those who love trekking and bird watching would love Sitla for the different species of birds one can spot here and go for an adventurous trek. 

  1. Mukteshwar temple
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It is one of the oldest and most popular shrines in the area. In fact, the town gets the name from this Lord Shiva temple that has been around 5500 years old. The temple is on top of a peak and gives a nice view of the town. All those who love history would also be amazed to see the beautiful architecture of the temple and the stories it has to tell. The temple is also considered as an important one for the community ‘agaries’ (iron ore miners). There are many stories related to the temple even in the mythological books. 

  1. Chauli ki Jali

Located next to the Mukteshwar temple, it is the best spot to watch a sunrise or sunset. One can stand from the cliff and have a look at the surrounding Kumaon valleys and the nearby towns. It is a paradise for nature lovers and adventurists for one can do many things in this cliff including rock climbing and rappelling. The locals hold the place with high respect and value as they believe it to be the spot where Shiva fought the demon. During winter these places take a different view with fog-filled skies and snowcapped mountains making you fall instantly in love with them

  1. Bhimtal
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This is the largest lake in Uttarkhand. One gets to enjoy a beautiful sunrise near the lake with the mountains overlooking. You get to take your own boats and go for a ride in the lake. There is a small island in the middle of the lake where there is a small temple as well. 

  1. Bhalugarh falls
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The falls are an interesting place not just for nature lovers but even for all those who would love a nice hike through the dense forests. Located at 60 feet height, the water flows throughout the year over here. If you walk up to the main falls, you can experience not just the beauty of the dense forest around you but also the calming silence of it that makes you feel at ease. A rainbow emerges at the end of the falls due to its strength and various birds can also be found here. 

  1. Camping and stargazing

Located among the hills, Mukteshwar is an ideal spot for a fire camping accompanied by stargazing. Since the light pollution is very less, the night sky looks just like a million lanterns up there. All those who love night sky photography would actually find it a thrilling experience to not just shoot the sky but even enjoy the beauty of the stars as they emerge one by one.

  1. Trekking

While there are many cliffs and peaks in Mukteshwar to Trek, all those who want to take it to the next level can actually try a 20 km trek from Peora village to Mukteshwar. This trekking expedition actually takes a day or two as you do not just climb hills and go down them but also go through the thick jungles of Deodar. Other than these there are options available for a night trekking and riverside trekking too in Mukteshwar which would be once in a lifetime experience. 

  1. Rock climbing and Rappelling

With so many peaks around, these activities can be easily done in Mukteshwar. In fact, Mukteshwar has a height rappelling point in India which is 150 meters. Enjoy the rush of adrenaline as you climb through the rocks balancing yourself and enjoying the amazing view around. The best part about this is that both amateurs and professionals can do the activity. While it might be a bit risky during the winter season, it is fun nonetheless. 

  1. Paragliding

As you soar up the skies above like a bird, through the hills around, taking in the beauty of not just Mukteshwar but even the nearby towns and lakes of Bhimtal and Naukuchiatal, you might not be able to help but feel like staying here forever. The rush of adrenaline and euphoria cannot be described in words about the paragliding experience one would have in Mukteshwar. It is a surreal experience to be in short. 

  1. Kilmora shop

Mukteshwar is not just for adventurists and nature lovers, those who love shopping too have places to explore over here. The kilmora shop at Mukteshwar might seem like a tiny shop but it has souvenirs made from local handicrafts. The place also sells traditional kumaoni clothes and products. The place lets you explore their culture to its very best and offers a unique shopping experience. 

Now that you know all about Mukteshwar, why not plan your winter trip to have some adventure hair raising experiences. Don’t forget to pack your jackets and thermals too!!

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