New Tourist Destination In Uttarakhand

New Tourist Destination In Uttarakhand

The Uttarakhand government seems determined to make the state a new tourist center for India, if not already. The Uttarakhand government has announced plans to bring 13 new tourist destinations that will enhance the tourist footprint in the state.



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What's the plan?

With its new scheme, "13 Destinations in Thirteenth Neighbourhood", the state government has chosen 13 new places and will focus on developing them as new tourist arrival points. The project aims to bring a new tourist attraction in every Uttarakhand area.

When do you start?

The sources claim that the Shanghai-based New Development Bank is financing this project and has agreed to provide 1.2 billion rupees in financial aid to the government of Uttarakhand. The central government has already issued loan licenses.The work will only begin once a formal agreement is signed between the Shanghai-based bank and the state government.

What are we waiting for?

The new airstrips will be the main hub as it will help to improve air communication and promote tourism, taking into account the country's terrain and location.Considering Chaukhutia, Srinagar and Pabo where new runways can also be located and expansion of Pantnagar Airport.So far, the government has been busy fixing the budget to be earmarked for developing these 13 destinations, but it looks like we'll have more weekends in the state, pretty soon!

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