No bullfighting events in Spain this year

No bullfighting events in Spain this year

Spain's famous bullfighting festival is in the background this year in the midst of COVID-19 confinement and fear of the Coronavirus. According to reports, the most important destination for bullfighting, the Pamplona Summer Festival in San Fermin, has been canceled. Although the city had hoped that the festival would take place in July, the Mayor of Pamplona, I, Elisaldi, announced the cancellation, which shattered all hopes.

 The annual Bullfighting Festival is a major event that attracts 10 Lakh attendees and is greatly celebrated. You must have seen pictures of bulls passing through the narrow streets and people celebrating in the streets, but this will not happen this year. The San Fermin Festival has been canceled only three times in its history, and this is the fourth time it has happened.

 The festival generated 740 million euros in the past decade, and about 1.5 million people from all over the world come to Pamplona to see this unique festival. Unfortunately this year, the streets of Pamplona will be silent as the country monitors the closure.

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 On the other hand, the famous German Oktoberfest has now been canceled.

 To date, Spain has had a total of 226,629 Corona Virus cases, with 23,190 deaths and 117,727 recoveries. It is important for the country to continue fighting the virus for a better future.

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