Now enjoy the Flyboarding experience in Goa

Now enjoy the Flyboarding experience in Goa

If you are in a mood for some adventure sports, then check out the latest water sport that has arrived in India. Flyboarding in India is currently available only in Goa. Fly around on the surface of water feeling like a superhero in the waters of Goa.

Flyboarding is a fun water sport in which a board is used that makes us use the water pressure enabling us to fly above the water body. This board is connected with a jet ski using a 10 mm pipe that basically just pumps the water into the boards and ends up propelling it upwards. The water pressure will be controlled by the instructor who will watch from the jet ski. Flyboarding is like a jet ski and a jet pack combined. The flyboard is sent in the air up to about 15 meters high. The propulsion makes it fly in the air and makes it dive in through the water as well. A jetpack of cool water is fixed under each foot. 

When you get enough practice doing Flyboarding, you can even go diving, or enjoy in the waters flipping and spinning around in the waters. However, it is not that easy as it seems to be. But at the same time, it is very similar to riding a hoverboard. It requires an adequate amount of practice, after which one can easily go diving, perform precision flying, flying underwater and aerobatics, for example, spins, backflips, twists as well as dolphin swimming.

Interestingly, there is also an annual Flyboard Championship that you can participate in. It is held in Qatar every year and is attended by various adventure freaks from all over the world especially from Thailand, the USA, France, etc.

When it comes to adventure sports, a risk is always there. But if all the precautions for safety are carefully taken, then it is indeed safe. Besides, safety instructions will be provided to the person beforehand. No one will be allowed to go in the water without the safety gear including helmet and life jacket. Even if you end up falling into the water, the water will cushion you. It just requires you to balance well and have proper body control.

The best part is that with taking proper safety precautions, you need not be a swimmer to try out this amazing water sport. You can go as high as you wish to and dive back into the water, then emerging out again just the way a Dolphin does. 

Try to carry some essential items with you on the day you plan to go on Flyboarding. These include Swimwear, T-Shirt, Board shorts, Sunscreen (SPF 35+), hat, sunglasses, and a Towel.

There are many companies that are offering Flyboarding services in Goa. Some of these include the Atlantis Watersports and the Flyboard Nation. Along with the basic package, they will offer to give you videos and photos of your Flyboarding experience by paying an additional charge. The duration could either be 15 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes. The minimum charge for 15 minutes is Rs. 3000

The Flyboarding sport is found to be held in the Chapora river near the Morjim beach. People of ages 13 and above can enjoy this sport. During the monsoon season from June till September, their service remains closed.

It should be kept in mind that people with conditions including pregnancy, heart conditions, recent surgery, neck or back problems, and water phobias should not try the sport.

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