Places in India that share their name with International cities

Places in India that share their name with International cities

“It's hard to believe in coincidence, but it's even harder to believe in anything else.”
-John Green

Did you know that some of our famous Indian cities share their names with other cities across the world?
Dive in to know more about these cities.

1. Salem


You will find mention of Salem in Tamil Nadu in numerous inscriptions, while the one in the United States is known for their trials of witches.

2. Lucknow


Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, India, is home to many royal families and great palaces. The community in the United States is a gated community with huge mansions, but no royal family living around it.

3. Patna


Patna in Scotland got its name from Bihar, in recognition of the city in which the founder of the city was born in Scotland.

4. Kochi


Kochi in India is the capital of Ernakulam, affectionately called the "Queen of the Arabian Sea". Kochi, the Queen, shares her name with a place across the sea in Japan.

5. Hyderabad


Both cities have a rich history from a royal past. While in India the troupe was named after a dancer, the one in Pakistan was named after Haider Ali, the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad.

6. Baroda


Baroda is famous in Gujarat and is also known for its legacy of serving delicious Navratri sandwiches, while those in Michigan in the US are the brainchild of Michael Houser.

7. Bali


Bali is a picturesque city in the region of Rajasthan, little known unlike the tourist area of Bali in Indonesia. Also, both places have nothing in common.

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