Places to travel Abroad During October - Autumn Travel Guide

Places to travel Abroad During October - Autumn Travel Guide

A dream escape in autumn is the most delightful experience. The globetrotters know how pleasurable it is to visit the right place at the right time. While the other things like the surroundings, budget and comfort are also essential, the weather plays a fundamental role when travelling. Talking about the glorious October, it is the most refreshing month to escape from the monotony. The satisfaction it offers is nowhere less, be it the soothing scent of smoke in air, blazing leaves or the warm winds, it procures all what is needed to relax and explore. Travelling to foreign lands is a priority for most these days. This article will help you discover the c in abroad during October.


It is the perfect holiday destination for the beach lovers. Being the third largest island in the Mediterranean, it has wonderful beaches and a soothing environment. Inhabited for over 12000 year, the island is not short on history too. The beachfront hotels offering utmost comfort and breathtaking view successfully set the holiday mood. Additionally, the eclectic historical culture, vineyards, hillside villages in the Troodos Mountains is worth exploring.

Rome Italy

October is the liveliest time of the year in Rome. While May to September being too busy and June-July being unbearably hot, October becomes a favourable one to travel Rome. During days the weather is warm and comfortably cool at night. The ochre coloured buildings look magnificient with mellow sunrays falling over.

Budapest Hungary

What attracts major tourism here in the month of October is the Budapest Palinka and sausage festival. It pairs famous Hungarian fruit brandy with sausage, a popular Central European food.Additionally, the pleasant weather conditions allow you to explore the city to the fullest. Also, halloween parties happening all over the city will make a complete package of travel, leisure, food and fun.

Seville Spain

Perfect city to visit during autumn, Seville is an ideal romantic destination. What makes this city a fascinating holiday destination are the hotels carved with classic interior and the winding streets. Staying here includes exploring museums and other cultural fusions.

Hawaii USA

The big island Hawaii in the mid-Pacific archipelago of United States is a highly recommended holiday destination. What makes the place more refreshing in the month of October is the warm temperature without damp and humidity of summers. The weather here is influenced by its locstion in the Central Pacific. In October, you will enjoy the tropical sun with mild winters. You would get enough time for sunbathing here in this month. Also, you can have a sight of erupting volcanoes in Kilauea, explore the swimming holes in Kauai and enjoy surfing in Oahu. The package of tropical foliage all around adds to the beauty of the island in this month.

Hanoi Vietnam

In the month of October, the temperature of Hanoi dips down from 32 to 28 degree celcius, marking the beginning of the pleasnt autumn. Thus, it becomes the best time to explore this beautiful city. Soothing winds, cool breeze, soft sunlight and clear blue sky make Hanoi the most romantic holiday destination. One should never miss a chance to visit this place in autumn (September to mid november) as the temperature falls to 15 degree celcius in December turning the weather too cold. Apart from the excellent climtic conditions, it has a superb base for cruises around Ha Long Bay whis is one of the natural wonders of the world. Undoubtedly, it is once in a lifetime trips which you should never miss, if getting a chance.