planning a trip this year? What UN say about globalization?

planning a trip this year? What UN say about globalization?

Experts believe that the pandemic will not return before 2024. Many countries rely heavily on tourism and wait patiently for things to work out.

In 2020, travel costs will be 72% lower than last year

The International Tourism Organization said on Tuesday that tourists from around the world would not be able to return to their protected status until 2024.

However, according to the United Nations World Tourism Barometer in Madrid, the ultra-soft omaktron will "hurdle recovery" by 4% annually by early 2022. 2020

In 2020, the number of arrivals decreased by 72% compared to the previous year and began with departures.

The UNWTO said in a statement that the recovery rate in the world was slower and more uneven, mainly due to stronger barriers, lower prices and credibility.

Compared to 2020, the number of arrivals from Europe and the United States increased by 19% and 17%, respectively.

Thus, in the Middle East they are down 24% to 2021, while in the Asia Pacific they are 65% below 2020 levels and 94% below pre-pandemic.

Earlier this month, Omicron  gave travel experts "good chances" of violence next year, the statement said. The agency says that the number of people visiting the world will increase from 30 percent in 2021 to 78 percent this year, which is less than in 2019.

Many experts say they do not expect the pandemic to return around 2024. Most countries rely heavily on tourism and expect it to be regular.

The contribution to tourism (recommended to GDP tourism) is expected to be 91.9 trillion (1.68 trillion euros) in 2021, up from 61.6 trillion in 2020, but still a good 3.5 trillion.

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