Planning Your First Solo Trip? Here Are Some Useful Tips- Ngtraveller

Planning Your First Solo Trip? Here Are Some Useful Tips- Ngtraveller

They say that traveling alone is one of the scariest and scariest experiences, yet it is liberating that one can go through in life, and it is true! Remember the movie The Queen in which the central character, 24-year-old Rani, takes a solo trip when her fiancé cancels her wedding? She travels alone in Europe, makes new friends, tries new things, drinks, cries and laughs, and finally finds inner joy, independence and peace. This is exactly what a solo flight can do for you, and not necessarily in this order. Above all, traveling on your own and in your own company will help you learn a thing or two about yourself.

However, taking a solo trip is easier said than done and even more so when you do it for the first time. There are so many things, from a budget to an itinerary, to plan that even beginners will have butterflies in their stomach when they think about it. do not worry! In this blog, we have compiled some tips for first-time singles travel. Read on and get ready to start on your own!

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Decide on the Destination

First things first: destiny! All seasoned travelers agree that on solo travel, the experience of exploring places alone is more important than the destination itself. However, it is really better if you choose a place that makes you feel comfortable because traveling alone is already an overwhelming experience. Is there a place you've always dreamed of traveling to? A place you've always been drawn to? Do you like cities full of activities or are you a nature lover who enjoys quiet and picturesque places? Ask yourself and plan accordingly.

Those who are a little scared about traveling alone can start with familiar places, while hardcore adventure seekers might consider places abroad. Either way, it should be a place that motivates you and keeps you motivated.

A place with a good tourist infrastructure, closer to your hometown or where a language you know is spoken, will surely earn some extra points to start with. The best single women travel tip for all beautiful women is to look for places that have a reputation for being safe and friendly to women.

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Do Your Homework

Individual trips leave a lot of room for flexibility and may not require you to plan all the details. However, that doesn't mean you can pack up and hit the road that way. You'll have a little homework to do at your destination, from the weather and tourist options to its culture, food, and everything in between. You should also do a thorough research on the accommodation and transportation options available. If you plan to visit any famous monument or attraction, check the schedules, other rules and regulations, etc. It is also a good idea to research day tours of a destination, which will allow you to meet new people and visit many places in one day.

When you want to know a destination without going to it, the Internet is your best companion. search, investigation and investigation; Read, read and reread. There are many blogs and online travel guides in almost every destination under the sun. If you know someone who has been there, talk to them.

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Keep a journal or use a trip planning app to keep all your searched data in one place. This may sound boring, but sooner or later you will pat yourself on the back during the flight.

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Chalk Out a Budget

Now comes the most important part: money! Two things that largely determine your individual travel budget are transportation and accommodation. When we say transportation, the cost of traveling within the destination: sightseeing, pick-up and drop-off, etc. A temporary schedule should give you a pretty good idea of these expenses.

However, accommodation is the hardest part of all. In each city or town, you will find luxury establishments as well as affordable accommodation. Which one should you choose? When your plan is to get out and explore from morning to night, all you need is a clean and safe place to get a good night's sleep. Therefore, you can go to a hotel or accommodation that is affordable, safe, and provides all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. Make sure to read reviews and check reviews and photos on the internet before making a decision.

Also, leave room for other expenses in your budget such as food, drinks, entertainment, tickets, tickets, souvenirs, and travel insurance, especially if you are traveling outside of India.

Put your travel budget on a spreadsheet with different expense headings, and then assign a budget for each item.

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Book Your Tickets in Advance

Once you've made your travel plan and budget, it's time to take the next big step: reserving your tickets. This is one area where you can save some money. For example, most places in India are connected by a railway network, which is the cheapest mode of travel. However, if you get plane tickets at incredibly low prices, you can also consider traveling to your destination. Also, book your accommodation in advance as well. Don't forget to search for hotel deals online; There are many online travel companies that offer great deals and discounts throughout the year.

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Book your tickets for later so that you don't arrive at the destination too late at night or too early in the morning. You should also think about the check-in time; You don't want to arrive at the hotel several hours before check-in time.

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Convince Your Parents

Those born to Indian parents know how important (and difficult) it is to convince your parents of anything, much less a solo trip. The word "single" is enough to sound the alarm bells. Unless you are very lucky, you will have to deal with a lot of questions, starting with "Just what !?" to "Why don't you take your brother with you?" The number of questions and the degree of apprehension can double or triple if the traveler is a woman. Solo travel is gaining momentum in India, but it is not yet a norm. Therefore, you must be prepared to talk to your parents and answer all possible questions that arise from them, no matter how silly they are to you.

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The strategy that works for most parents is a good, well-crafted travel plan. Feel free to reveal the details that you think will make them feel better: number of days, mode of transport, details of accommodation, sightseeing plans, etc. Promise them that you will keep in touch and keep the promise. Remember to feel confident and enthusiastic and adjust to your parents' concerns rather than completely ignoring them.

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Pack Light Yet Smart

There are two types of people: those who travel for weeks with a backpack full of essentials and those who carry a suitcase, a duffel bag and a backpack even when they go to sleep at a friend's house. One of the essential tips for a solo trip is light but smart beams. Remember that sometimes you have to pack your things when you go sightseeing, so the best idea is to carry all the essentials in a backpack; You can also carry a carrying bag. This makes riding public transport and getting around crowds much easier than you might think.

When you come to pack, take only the things that you consider absolutely necessary. For example, if your hotel offers toiletries and bath towels, remove these items from your list. When it comes to clothing, the best idea is to wear layers or convertible clothing; This not only improves your brightness quotient, but also allows you to mix and match your clothes. Wearing more than two pairs of shoes is prohibited.

You should carry a first aid kit, a power bank, a money belt, and some zip-top plastic bags when you are traveling alone for the first time. Also, keep your journal where you can write down the details of your trip. And most importantly, keep a book in your bag even if you are not an avid reader; You will only know how useful it is when you meet curious (or even annoying) travelers. And when you come across one, you can open the book and start reading, or at least pretend you are.

Things to Remember During Your Solo Trip

This is the planning part of your first solo trip. Now, there are also a few things to keep in mind while traveling. Here's a quick guide from us:

Use Public Transportation: When traveling alone, use public transportation as much as possible instead of rented taxis. Not only is it safe and easy to use, it also gives you more opportunities to meet new people.

Give your day an early start: On days when you plan to sightsee, start your day early. In this way, you can avoid overcrowding at popular tourist spots like parks and museums. After going about your daily activities, return to your hotel and enjoy a nice dinner to rejuvenate yourself.

Stay connected: always! Let your family know where you are every day and where you are going. Let them know that you are safe and that you are having a good time. This helps a lot !!

Be Easy on Alcohol: While there is nothing wrong with visiting a local bar and having a drink to lighten your mood, you should be in moderation on alcohol. Never get drunk when you are alone.

Make friends who don't trust anyone: Of course, you're traveling alone, but that doesn't mean you have to travel or feel lonely all the time. Make friends, have fun and share happy moments with them; After all, that's the beauty of solo travel. However, always use good judgment and never completely trust anyone. Be very careful about the details you choose to reveal with your new friends.

Be safe: Now this includes many things, from being aware of your surroundings to staying away from situations where you don't feel well or safe. Also, make copies of all your important documents to avoid being a victim of theft or pickpockets and keep the hotel business card in your purse or wallet. Learn to say "no" when necessary; keep calm; And move with confidence. However, be sure not to draw too much attention.

Finally, never ignore your Gut Feelings
Have you ever walked into a place and felt weird for no apparent reason? Have you ever met someone who looked and sounded good, but gave you super strong supernatural feelings? Have you ever been in a situation where I was not feeling well? This, my friend, is called instinct. If something, a place, a person, or a situation doesn't seem right, it probably isn't right. It is easy. And when you are alone and exploring the world, there is no better friend you can trust than your instincts.

So, get, set, SOLO!

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