Rajwada Palace of Indore- Visit to a Rich Legacy on the Pages of Indian history

Rajwada Palace of Indore- Visit to a Rich Legacy on the Pages of Indian history

Holkars, the Maratha kings of Indore, built Rajwada Indore, Madhya Pradesh, which is widely known as Holkar Palace, about 200 years ago. The palace, a striking seven-story building, is close to Chhatris, a famous dome-shaped architectural site. The royal structure in Indore exhibits regal architectural preferences. In front of Rajwada Palace is a well-kept garden with a monument of Queen Ahilya Bai, a fake waterfall, and fountains that add to the attractiveness of the place. Rajwada Palace is not just a well-known tourist attraction, but it is also one of the oldest and most famous. This unique landmark has seen both the grandeur of the Holkar Lineage and the advancement of culture.

Rajwada Palace is thus a permanent reminder of a rich legacy on the pages of Indian history.

Rajwada Palace Architecture

Rajwada Place at night

The three lower floors of the seven-story Rajwada Mahal are composed of stone, while the upper floors are made of wood. The entryway has a large wooden door that is coated in iron studs and an arch. Entering a courtyard through the front and then the Ganesh Hall itself with a Mughal arch. Rajwada Palace's current framework is a rectangular one with cylinder-shaped bastions at each of its four corners.

Maratha, Muslim, and French architectural influences may all be seen in the seven-story Rajwada Palace. The palace's top levels are composed of wood, while the lower three storeys are made of stone.

The palace's grand archway entry is framed by a heavy wooden doorway that is framed with iron studs. There are numerous balconies, windows, and hallways in the palace. The entry leads to a sizable courtyard that is enclosed by gallery rooms and the arcaded Ganesha Hall, which originally served as the location for all official and ceremonial events.

The enormous Rajawada edifice, which is tucked amid the busy alleyways of the Kajuri Market, has experienced three historical fires. Sarjerao Ghadge, a general from the Sindhiya Dynasty, set fire to the Rajwada Palace for the very first time in 1801. Five levels were built during the reconstruction period which lasted from 1818 to 1826.

After a second fire in 1834, the upper level was entirely destroyed. The back of the palace was totally destroyed during the last fire, which started in 1984 and left the worst damage to the building. The 1984 riots completely destroyed the Malhari Martand temple, which is housed within the palace. Only the front portion of the original building is still standing today.

The Rajwada Palace recently underwent renovations at the direction of H. H. Ushadevi Holkar, the Maharani of Indore, which in some ways succeeded to restore the former beautiful scenery. The structure is currently rectangular in design, with cylinder bastions at each of its four corners.

In addition, the Rajwada Palace boasts a well-kept garden with a monument of Queen Ahilya Bai, a fictitious waterfall, and other lovely fountains. Concerts of traditional music and artwork exhibits are now held in the palace auditorium. Additionally, the Rajwada Palace is now houses the Joint Director for Archeology's office and a Souvenir Shop run by the State's Archeology Department.

From Tuesdays to Sundays, the Rajwada Palace hosts a beautiful lighting and sound performance. It is a popular destination for travelers, especially those who appreciate history and want to learn more about the palace.

What is the timing of Rajwada Palace?

The Palace is open from 10 a.m. onwards in the morning till 5 p.m. in the evening. The Fort remains closed on Mondays.

What are the Show Timings of Rajwada Palace? 

Time of the Light and Sound Show: 6.30 PM (Hindi) and 7.45 PM (English)

What is the Entry Fees of Rajwada Palace? 

Entry fees are Rs. 10 for Indians and Rs. 250 for foreigners, along with Rs. 200 for the lighting and sound show, Rs. 25 for cameras, and Rs. 100 for videos.

Interesting Information Rajwada Palace 

You can travel back in time by attending the evening light and sound performance held here.

This seven-story building is a remarkable illustration of royal opulence and extraordinary architectural talent.

In its history, Rajwada was burned three times.

Its architecture is a fusion of Maratha, Mughal, and French styles.

It is an outside eatery; thus, it has a natural vibe.

Directions to Reach Rajwada Palace

Indore City bus

By Bus: The closest bus stop to the palace is Rajwada Bus Stand, from whence you can simply board a bus and go.

By Rail: Rajwada Palace is 3 kilometers from Indore Junction; from there, a rickshaw may take you there.

By Air: Rajwada Palace is located 5 kilometers from the Indore Airport Terminal. To get to the palace, you can take a taxi or cab from here.

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