Read about how India's wealthy are still planning  their trips

Read about how India's wealthy are still planning their trips

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With India emerging slowly and fragilely from one of the most stringent blockades in the world, travel as we knew it was still far. Although the flight resumes, it is very restricted and exhausting. No wonder then that wealthy people in India consider private plane travel a viable option. In fact, the demand has increased ninefold in the days leading up to the closure, acknowledges Kanika Tekriwal, CEO and founder of JetSetGo Aviation, and currently receives about 20 inquiries a day. Additionally, about 70 percent of these potential clients are new. "For the first time, we see requests coming from people who don't always travel first or business class." This sentiment was echoed by private and private airlines, including Book My Charters. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Sachett Wadua confirms: “We have seen an almost 60 percent increase in charter consulting since the closure, largely driven by private travelers for the first time. Most of these flights are one-way and depart from Mumbai and Delhi. "
Looking at the confusing environment in India today when it comes to flying, more and more people are considering these expensive but exclusive options. After a strict two-month blockade, the government allowed domestic flights on May 25, but the early days were plagued by hundreds of cancellations. Even now, states across India are still thinking exactly how to treat passengers from other parts of the country in terms of valuations and quarantines. International travel is a bigger question mark, especially with the United States, the United Arab Emirates and France opposing ongoing Vande Bharat flights to and from their countries, while other airlines are still banned from Indian operations until at least July 15. While private and chartered planes still have to comply with the same rules as regular flights in terms of mandatory evaluations and quarantine, their interest and use are largely driven by first-time travelers who prioritize both safety and comfort.

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"Private jets are a more reliable option," explains the situation. Clear advantages: You can reach the airport about 30 minutes before the flight (compared to the two hours required by commercial airlines); Avoid congestion and long lines at the airport and on the plane; Traveling only with passengers you know; You are responsible for your schedule and itinerary, so you can travel non-stop from any destination in India to the other in your schedule. Before the closure, according to Tekriwal, the majority of requests came from people with children studying abroad (especially London, Singapore, and Australia) or anywhere else in India. "Eight and five percent of those flights were transported to three passengers," she says. Early demand also constituted adults who were stranded while traveling for work, or those who were sick and away from their families. Today, Waddah explains that the customer file has changed. Today, the typical Book My Charters client is over 50 years old and looking to travel to a vacation home in India, visit his family or take an urgent business trip. Some want to travel with pets. Goa is the number one favorite destination (not surprising), and Dubai is likely to be the first international city to witness Indian traffic.

Increasingly, more and more Indians are planning pleasant trips to "foreign" international destinations, ready to take off as soon as the law permits. High-end travel agencies see this change in demand directly. Ashish Shada, founder and managing partner of LeisureGroup, which is headquartered at Gourogram, was busy creating custom flights for its clients on private jets. "Every journey is handcrafted like a good suit," he says. "The increase in counseling is almost entirely driven by wealthy travelers who are particularly attracted to traveling due to health problems, avoiding congestion and rows on commercial flights. There are two prevailing reasons: seeing the family or fleeing from anywhere they enter this epidemic. Recreational counseling comes from families Nuclear and small family groups in Delhi and Mumbai, seeking to flee for up to a week to remote areas where the effect of the coronavirus has been low. One customer in particular is very interested in a letter to Reykjavik in August.With rental companies that want to compensate for the recession, they provide services to make the offer attractive and within the price range of first-class commercial tickets.The main limitation is the lack of a recognized authority that can issue a certificate without Covid Accept them by immigration authorities abroad. "
Indeed, secluded resorts are seeing temporary reservations for Indians who yearn to travel privately and stay in a beautiful and relaxing setting, with an opportunity to enjoy nature and the outdoors. Often times, they think that family members from all over India meet at the destination, or to travel as a small group of families and similar families. A recent Conde Nast Traveler India poll asked the public where they wanted to travel when the restrictions were lifted, and 38 percent voted for the Maldives. No wonder then, the resorts scattered around these beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean receive requests from India (and Russia of course). "The poll results are related to what we see in demand from India, as travel to Europe and the United States appears to be prohibited," says Sono Shivdasani, CEO and Joint Creative Director of Soneva. It has two luxury resorts in the Maldives. “At the time of writing this report, we had 75 potential clients from India. Specifically, we have eight consultations for people who want to travel in a private plane. Traveling to our resorts on a private plane is convenient because it cuts the total travel time in half ... The time from take off in Mumbai to your villa in Soneva Jani is less than three hours! There is a private jet airport on Maafaru Island, built by the ruler of Abu Dhabi as a gift for the Maldives. It accepts his personal Boeing 737 and has an accurate airport station. Very arrivals, so there is no time for a taxi or waiting to land. You will be at Soneva Jani in only seven minutes. We are in talks with a private airline and we will plan four round trips between Mumbai and Mali from the end of July to August. ” As of today, the Maldives accepts international tourists from July 15.

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Another destination that sees the interest of Indian private planes is Africa, especially in countries with a developed wildlife circle. For example, the famous safari camps in Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe, for example, have always been popular with wealthy Indian herders, and their focus on privacy makes them particularly suited to traveling in times when social communication is so important. "The desire to travel to areas that reconnect guests with the natural environment while reducing the possibility of contacting Covid 19 on its way increases the demand for private jet safari," says Hilton Walker of Great. Save the plains. "We are about to launch our first 14-day safari from New York to Kenya, while simultaneously on demand from London to Maun [in Botswana], as well as from India to Kenya! The beauty of these trips is that they allow small and intimate groups to experience the best of African wildlife destinations can offer it, while enjoying perfect service from the moment they leave their country of origin to the time they return ... we have made adjustments and improvements, and we will continue to do so in the future, but paradoxically, not much was really needed Among the adjustments to what we usually offer due to the abundance of space, courtesy of our employees, and the opening of.Air facilities.However, we follow the actions taken in the best hotels in the world, from our colleagues in Relais & Chateaux and the National Geographic Unique Lodges, as recommended by Johns. Hopkins Medicine and other high-end health centers around the world. So what you can expect from us is not to prejudice our hospitality or to harm your safety. It is not very difficult. We did it forever! ”

However, if your private aviation draws your attention, you should not wait for the international border to open: hotels in India are seeing an increase in private jet travelers, especially for air, Rajasthan and Kerala. Luxury resorts such as RAAS Devigarh near Udaipur and Suryagarh in Jaisalmer are already in talks with private jet charter companies and aircraft charter companies to come up with deals and special packages, where guests can, for example, share a private jet fly and go out. “With the increase in Covid-19 situations and cities preparing for new block extensions, people want to go out at the first opportunity. Some like to travel for fun, but others are looking to temporarily relocate their business base,” explains Suryagarh's managing director, Manfendra Singh Shekhawat. Not badly affected by the scourge of the virus. Our teams have been under strict quarantine on the site over the past few months, and we have seized this opportunity to develop best practices and protocols as per the guidance of qualified authorities. The feature has been on the rise for some time, and the current situation only confirms its connection to the contemporary traveler who is seeking refuge. "

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Vikramaditya Singh, general manager of Leela Palace, Udaipur, believes that the private air travel market in India will grow significantly: “Time, rest, privacy and comfort, and now security, are the drivers for luxury travel. Luxury. Obviously, private messages will be used more frequently, Not only by those who “arrived”, but also through aspirations. These people have high expectations and will never say “no.” This luxurious traveler gets acquainted with the type of our palace hotel where everything is designed effortlessly, and it is just a simple thing Such as breakfast that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime, for example. Including all guests (private trips for up to six people plus a superior suite) at a cost close to what is normally paid to the Presidential Suite. Six and eight guests require up to three suites for three nights. This is the place to value. "

Nature, space and scenic outdoors are key to what wealthy travelers are looking for, but another disadvantage is wellness. Niraamaaya Wellness Retreats has settlement locations in Kerala, Goa and Kohima, and CEO Manu Rishi Guptha says he sees a disproportionate amount of interest in jet planes and charter flights from all over India, including smaller cities like Guwahati and
Nagpur. He says: "The possibilities are incredible, money is not a problem for these guests. They are happy to pay for the ease of the trip, so that someone can organize everything from driving to the asphalt, taking them to Kochi or Trivandrum, and taking care of them. In a resort where everything is safe, clean and hygienic, where There are only 30 rooms spread over 30 acres of land. You will be surprised to know how many Indians are not asking for the price; they only upload it to their American Express black cards. What is required is a coherent and coherent border policy by the government, and that gives people a degree of Confidence that they have things under control. "

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The matter is due to several factors: the number of passengers and travel days, the type and size of the aircraft, the number of services required, the place of travel, stopping, landing and airport fees, etc. Generally, prices start at Rs. 70,000 an hour for a turbocharged engine (such as the 8-seat Falcon 2000 / Challenger 605) and rise to Rs 6 per hour for a 16-seat aircraft, to which the airport will be added and other landing fees. (These vary greatly from one airport to another, even within the same country). The largest private jets can cost between 12 and 15 lakh per hour. Please note that the journey time is calculated from the start of the engine to the stopping of the engine. Therefore, the return trip to Delhi - Mumbai - Delhi on Falcon 2000 will be calculated to last from five to six hours, and it can cost Rs12-15 lakh. The return flight Delhi-Bengaluru-Delhi will be between Rs12-18 lakh. A return flight from Mumbai to Male in Falcon 2000, for example, will cost around 33 rupees lakh, with a two-night stopover in Male. The plane usually accommodates nine passengers and costs 3.5 rupees per hour.

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If you imagine flying on a private flight would become a habit, you might also consider "an organic airline with everything you can fly". Sanket Raj Singh is the founder of Prince Air, who charges a monthly subscription fee of Rs1-2 lakh for unlimited flights between Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. His second phase will include Puni, Chennai, Hyderabad, and later Amritsar, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Lucknow. Of course, you will not be the only passenger on the plane (sleeps 16-20 people), but the fleet is specially managed and operated; You will only need to come 20 minutes before take off and of course you will avoid crowding thanks to the private lounges with free Wi-Fi and refreshments. Raj Singh estimates that this package is 80-90 percent cheaper than PJ's standard costs, and provides all the desired benefits.
Certainly traveling in privacy is a way to get travelers to move again, so we can expect more hotels to work with operators to create interesting deals and offers. "We expect an increase [in bookings] in the latter part of the year, from enthusiastic travelers looking to celebrate with friends and loved ones: birthdays, weddings, vow vows, suggestions, meetings ... or simply why!" "The journey may look different now than it was in the past, but this feeling of excitement, that unique and immersive experience, those opportunities to create lasting bonds and memories, will continue, and you may feel more special, whether you are traveling. A computer or a modest road trip.

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