Ready to visit a reopened Las Vegas with major changes

Ready to visit a reopened Las Vegas with major changes

Las Vegas, one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, has reopened its business this week in some of the selected hotel-casinos, with more set aside to open doors next week.

 No, you are not back at it!  the coronavirus epidemic that closed the city in mid-March has caused devastation and has undoubtedly left a lasting legacy of change around the world.

But Las Vegas is open again, and that's what you need to know!

las vegas city at night

A scene full of people?

 Las Vegas is a busy city, and it's not just a game scene. Tourists flood the city all year round, and surprisingly, many will not bet a penny. They come to the most famous singers in the world performing at the residences, for Broadway shows, for a variety of restaurants run by the best chefs in the country, for a great boxing match on the weekend, to go to the wonderful parties in the pool (uh, sure,) and much more.
But if the crowd isn't what you want, then maybe it's time to go.

Of course, this was expected. The city was only open for four days. According to Las Vegas Review-Journal, “Many board games and slot machines were not used, there were few retail stores, and restaurants outside the casino were not crowded. Bellagio had little traffic at one point and a quiet casino floor. Wait four People entering Louis Vuitton store while employees were controlling the number of shoppers, but most of the stores didn't have many customers. "

 In terms of the game, there are fewer seats in table games: three players in blackjack, four in roulette and poker, and six on craps is the new standard for casinos.

According to USA Today, all slot machines are generally shutdown, with casinos temporarily limited to 50 percent capacity under new government gaming regulations.

Vegas is well known for its billiard parties during the summer season, well, it's the summer season in a city that routinely pays 100 degrees.

The ponds were filled on the first Saturday of the reopening. The Review-Journal reported that the entry line to the pool in The Flamingo was 50 feet deep.

But here are the screenshots. First, the pools around Las Vegas operate 50 percent of their capacity to help maintain the social distance. Once the pools have reached that capacity, the only way to enter is if someone leaves.

Most importantly, you better be a hotel guest. If you don't have a room access card, you can forget about using the group right now.

Health and safety checks

In Downtown Grand and other hotels, guests must be subject to temperature control. A person whose temperature exceeds 100.3 degrees cannot enter but will be given the opportunity to cool down and lower the temperature.

In many hotels and casinos, there are manual sterilization stations.

Casino workers and merchants wear face masks, gloves, and face shields, and free face masks are provided in almost every hotel and casino.

But face masks are not mandatory for visitors.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal staff and experts who visited the casinos on Thursday and Friday said only half of the visitors were seen wearing masks.

"We can educate (visitors) about the benefits of wearing a mask," Nevada Governor Steve Sisulack told the Review-Journal on Friday. "(Casinos) encourage their guests, and provide them with them if they are not with them, and I think this is the best we can do ... (But) I don't want guests to come here to spend the right time and force us to wear a mask. Many of these people come from areas Another is that they don't encourage masks just as much as we do. So there's an educational process here, and we encourage people to do that. "

 Even Cesar himself does that. The statue of the legendary leader of the Roman Empire at the entrance to Caesar's Palace wears a golden mask.


Many foodies come to Las Vegas to help satisfy their unique tastes as one of the best restaurants in the country run by some of the best chefs.

Restaurants are open and will work at reduced capacity to help maintain social distance. However, so far, in the few hotels that opened last week, the buffets have not yet opened.

 More hotels and restaurants will open next week.


Yes, you can ride a High Roller watch wheel, yes, you can park in front of the famous Bellagio fountains in dancing waters, and you can even ride a roller coaster at the New York Hotel.

But you still can't see a show and you can't spend $ 800 a bottle in the nightclubs.

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