10 Resorts That Will Make You Feel At Home While You Work Literally In-Between Nature

10 Resorts That Will Make You Feel At Home While You Work Literally In-Between Nature

If you fall into the category of people looking to spice up their Work-from-home routine, check out these spas that let you work from home, but in the lap of nature, surrounded by the serene beauty.

1. Aranya Villas, Udaipur

While there is no shortage of beautiful resorts in Udaipur, Aranya Villas easily tops the list as an ideal business getaway. Close to town and yet "surrounded by lush green nature", Aranya Vilas actually offers the best of both worlds, with amenities like free Wi-Fi, multi-cuisine restaurants, and even a live cooking experience.

2. Justa Mukteshwar Retreat & Spa, Uttarakhand

Justa Mukteshwar Retreat and Spa

Away from the traffic noise that interrupts daily Zoom meetings is Justa Muktershwar Resort. From seamless wi-fi to beautiful views of the Himalayas and relaxing sessions at the spa, this resort lets you benefit from working from home right from the bosom of nature.

3. Taduba Vanya Villas Resort & Spa, Chandrapur, Maharashtra

Tadoba Vanya Villas Resort & Spa

Away from city life, Taduba Vania Villas provide a haven that combines modern comforts with the comfort of beautiful nature, providing a perfect break from the monotony of regular WFH days. And with activities like nature walks, forest excursions, bird watching, spa sessions, and a pool, you can truly rejuvenate yourself.

4. Ahilya by the sea, Goa

Ahilya by the sea, Goa

If your idea of Goa involves peace and quiet, then there is no better location than Ahilya by the sea. With rooms ranging from tree towers to sunrise villas and amenities that range from an infinity pool at sunrise to a wellness center, Ahilya by the Sea is truly a unique boutique hotel.

5. Adivaha luxury resort, Dharamsala

Adivaha, Dharamsala

Providing you with the opportunity to "reconnect with nature", Adivaha is a luxurious and heritage resort, ideal for nature lovers. In addition to rooms with beautiful views, Adivaha also offers itineraries for tea plantations, archaeological excursions, and pilgrimages.

6. Porcupine Castle Resort, Coorg

Porcupine Castle Resort Coorg

Part of a 300-acre coffee plantation, Porcupine Castle Resort is the place to go when you want to work from home like royalty. Mountain and valley chalets, farm walks, target shooting, outdoor and indoor sports options are just some of the services the resort offers.

7. Narayan Palace and Resort, Rishikesh

The Narayana Palace by Salvus, Rishikesh

Called "unspoiled paradise," The Narayan Palace & Resort offers yoga classes, a pool, adventure activities, and spa treatments. What do you not like?

8. Ananta Resort and Spa, Pushkar

Ananta Spa & Resorts, Pushkar

If you're looking for that perfect shot that can finally finish the series of laptop pictures you've been posting online, head to Ananta on Puskar. From the gym to the play area, Ananta Resort and Spa delivers true luxury.

9. Mayfair Spa Resort and Casino, Gangtok

Mayfair Spa Resort and Casino, Gangtok

Upon checking in to Mayfair in Gangtok, you have the opportunity to enjoy local culture and cuisine, bring a weekend with a casino on the beach, relax in a lovely cafe and a tea room overlooking the beautiful hills and the famous Rumtek Monastery.

10. Elgin Hall, Dalhousie

Elgin Hall

Plunge into the past, but with all the modern comforts of this cool summer retreat , Elgin Hall. A homestay offers a tea room, a reading room, and a play area, and is truly the perfect heritage retreat in the hills.

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