Sharjah at Africa , the Largest Safari Park Outside Africa.

Sharjah at Africa , the Largest Safari Park Outside Africa.

Sharjah is one of the most exciting African safari experiences outside Africa. You can taste Africa in this city of United Arab Emirates.

The world's largest safari park in Sharjah is spread over an area of 8 square kilometres. The new Sharjah Safari Park was opening by Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi and is said to be the largest safari park outside Africa.

Safari 12 is blessed with natural environments which makes this experience in this part of the world extremely exciting.

On a safari in Sharjah, visitors can see more than 50,000 animals, including 120 species of black rhinoceros and other rare animals. There are 100,000 African acacia trees in Sharjah Safari. The Safari has been completed in five years at a cost of Rs 11 billion.

Actually, this Sharjah safari gives you the real experience of African safari. You will find the colors and tastes of Africa and different safari experiences there. You can also find exotic birds like flamingos and Altabra monster turtles.

Visitors can enjoy life in the African countryside and explore Zanzibar's traditional village farms, herds of cattle, and more.

The Safari Park is located in the Serengeti, where every year wildlife from all over the world visits. But your journey begins with something called Africa, which allows you to experience the wildlife of East Africa. After that you go to the beach, where you will find deserts and grasslands with various wildlife.

Wrecked is the Savannah Experience and Ngorongoro Experience, while the last part of the trip is called Morimi, which allows you to experience the mountain ranges of South-West Africa.

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