Shop up to your heart’s content at these shops in London.

Shop up to your hearts content at these shops in London.

London is known for the premium designer stores and pricey boutiques, but there is no need to spend a huge amount when looking for clothes and accessories. London is a favorite shopping destination of many and there is a reason behind it. Apart from the luxury boutiques, London offers a range of low cost retailers where you can pick pieces without burning a hole in your pocket. Whether you are looking to shop on a budget or for the sake of a cheap thrill, there are numerous places in London you can shop without feeling left out of pocket.  
  1. Tiger: Tiger is the best place to shop for kids party bags. It has a range of kitchen and home accessories but there is literally everything you will find here for your party. It is perfect for children with numerous toys and school accessories. The pound shop is super cheap and offers an endless variety for you to choose from.
  2. Beyond Retro: Beyond Retro is located in East London and will dazzle you with the rainbow rails. It caters to the teens and twenty-something youth as well as fashionistas who like to wear their style in a unique, distinguishable manner. It has a collection for both men and women and offers a wide selection of retro wear in London.
  3. Monki: This shop is very well known for high waisted jeans which have made a comeback. In addition, it offers a collection of clothes at small prices.It is located on the Carnaby Street in London and has a wide range of low priced high fashion that is aimed at young women.
  4. Muji: This is a unique store with a Japanese concept. It is a favorite of Londoners and offers affordable and practical goods for the home and office. There are endless options to choose to range from gadgets to stationary and furniture as well as furnishings, all at a reasonable price.
  5. Absolute Vintage: Who doesnt love trendy shoes? This shop has a huge collection of shoes at a good bargain. The clothes here start at 1 and you can get dressed and tops for 3. There is a huge quantity for you to choose from. You only need to look deeper for better quality and better deals.
  6. Primark: Primark is not an unfamiliar name in London. It is set over three floors and offers the widest range of cheap clothing and accessories.You can literally fill huge bags full of clothes and yet leave with a change. It is an entire shopping experience in itself, you might have to wait in the long queues for the changing room and the rails are chaotic. Keep your calm and shop on!
  7. Zara: Zara has stores across different countries in the world. It offers a fast turnaround of stock and has several deliveries every week. Zara is a leader in fast fashion and serves the latest trends right off the ramp. It offers top quality clothing at a pocket-friendly rate. You can pick up lots of fashionable clothes for a small amount.
  8. H&M: H&M also has a global presence and is known for budget-friendly and fashionable clothing. It has vast changing rooms and is designed as a pure fashion store. It offers fast fashion to teens and kids at a reasonable rate.
 Next time you are headed to London, give online shopping a miss and try these cheap shops. You might end up requiring another suitcase to bring your clothing haul home!