So Delhi | The local’s City Guide

So Delhi | The locals City Guide

So Delhi is a pocket city guide that has been created by the local experts of Delhi. The guide includes all the latest and most popular events and other news about the food,  Nightlife, Hotels, Shopping, Sightseeing, Events, Tours and so much more. 

The SO City guide is a platform that provides the local guide on the top 21 cities in India. It is a leading city guide that showcases the top entertainment buzz along with the recommendations of the activities to do, places to see and exploring the hidden gems of the city.

They have a consistently growing community of the local gem explorers who have successfully showcased a large amount of curated content about the various events, food, shopping, fashion, sightseeing, the local communities, travel and a lot more. We will give you the latest buzz about the various events happening around the city, exploring the best cuisines, food tours, best restaurants,  best places to shop, top hangout spots and many other places that you can explore during the weekends with your friends and family.

The So Delhi team offers the best of the recommendations that are custom made to suit the interests of the users. Along with it, the SoDelhi guide shows the city's most favorite stories and the local buzz on your smartphone. They update the content on the app every one or two hours with the latest stories to help you plan your getaways.

An interesting feature of the SoDelhi website/app is that you can like, share or bookmark the articles you like and can easily store them if you wish to look it up in the future. This is the perfect app for you if you wish to explore all the corners of your city. Apart from the locals, the SoDelhi app is also helpful for the tourists and travelers who've come to explore the capital city.

The So City app that claims to be a “local’s city guide” is available on the Google Play Store. It was formed as in the year 2012 by a resident of Delhi, Mr. Digant Sharma. The idea came to his mind when he was studying and building his career in the UK after realizing that you can't find any organized online travel guide to help him explore the newest happenings whether in food, music, theatre, art, culture, sports and so much more. So, he ended up creating and had a vision for it to be the go-to platform for exploring everything in Delhi.  

Within a period of six years, the So City platform has grown and has 21 Indian city guides including Leh-Ladakh, Mcleodganj, Pondicherry, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Goa, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and others. It helps its users in exploring all the hidden gems in the cities.

The Google Play Store App listing, states “We have a constantly growing community of the local experts creating amazing content about the various events, food, shopping, fashion, sightseeing, hyperlocal communities, travel, and the latest buzz.” 

Basically, The SoDelhi app makes use of the machine learning algorithms that enables it to learn about their favorite places and the experiences and then just give the relevant options and suggestions. These recommendations get more accurate as the user spends more time using the platform. The app has been rated a 4.5 out of 5 by android users.

One of the users says, "the app provides such information about the city that nobody is aware of." 

How to use the SoDelhi App:

- Log in to the app. It does not have a skip option and logging in is mandatory to use it.

- The next step is to pick your best interest whether it is shopping, travel, events, heritage or any other. You are supposed to pick a minimum of five interests. 

- Now cones the option to choose the city. You can choose the city either by entering your location or using GPS.

- The homepage screen will appear and will show a colorful feed of the latest amazing content about the recent and upcoming events happening in the city.

  - The app also has a 'Nearby' button which aids you to find out the latest happenings in your local area. 

Whether it is the upcoming concerts or food fests, or the cafes offering free beers. The app shows it all. They even have a 'Delhi Deal Hunter' page that shows many deals. 

The users can even collaborate if they wish to by contacting So City from the app or by filling up a form. 

The So City also runs active Instagram handles for the major Indian cities and provides all the latest information about the food, local markets, shopping, new places to explore, best cuisines, weekend getaway guides, upcoming events and so many more recommendations that have been curated to your requirements.

You can follow So city on various social media platforms such as:

Instagram:  SoDelhi, So Mumbai, So Bangalore, So Pune, So Kolkata, So Goa, So Chennai, So Hyderabad

Twitter: So Delhi, So Mumbai, So Bangalore, So Pune, So Kolkata, So Goa

Facebook: SoDelhi

YouTube: SoDelhi

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