Spiti Valley opens to tourism with these established guidelines

Spiti Valley opens to tourism with these established guidelines

A visit to Spiti  Valley may be on the line soon, as the destination decides to reopen its doors to tourism from February 17. The Spiti Tourism Association released a statement saying that hoteliers, panchayats, travel agents, Mahila mandalas, and community leaders have jointly decided to reopen the Spiti valley for tourism. Noting that the valley remained vacant last year, the statement also said that the region hopes to welcome tourists.

Spiti Valley

However, it does come with a strict set of guidelines that everyone involved must follow. Traveling during a pandemic can be challenging, and it is everyone's responsibility to ensure that vacations do not negatively impact the environment or humanity in any way. You must follow these instructions mentioned below to reach Spiti Valley and enjoy your stay there: 

1. Tourists will not be allowed to enter Khyber Village and its wildlife habitat. This is because the town has decided not to receive travelers at this time.
2. Tour operators must ensure that all travelers heading to Spiti have had a RAT / RT-PCR test from an accredited laboratory/hospital. The test should be done between 72 and 96 hours before reaching the valley.
3. All those entering Spiti Valley independently, including drivers, must report to a government hospital for a quick test.
4. Hotels and homestays must ensure that all guests have been screened prior to their outdoor adventure.
5. Social distancing must be maintained at all times, at all costs, and people must wear masks outside of their rental housing.

Above all, tourists must maintain their safety and ensure the safety of the place.

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