Srivari Padalu Temple in Tirumala Tirupati- Things to Know Before Your Visit

Srivari Padalu Temple in Tirumala Tirupati- Things to Know Before Your Visit

The Divine footsteps of Srivari Padalu in Tirumala Tirupati is located in the middle of a forest at the highest point of the Narayanadri hill range. Srivari Padalu Footprint is a significant place to visit at Tirumala pilgrimage. If you are planning to visit Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) you must go to Srivari Padalu. Numerous devotees from all around the country visit this temple for its holy and divinely sacred location.

Lord Venkateswara

History of the Srivari Padalu Tirumala

There is a story behind the temple that links to Lord Vishnu’s avatar landed here as Lord Venkateswara. According to the Vedas and Puranas, Lord Venkateswara Swamy initially stepped foot on "Narayanagiri'' which is one of the seven hills at "Srivari Padalu''. Worshippers have to climb 300 or more steps to get to the private Padalu from Tirupati to visit this holy site.

Worshippers reach Srivari Padalu and make coconut offerings and special food arrangements for puja. The TTD Board, however, has made access easier. The Lord of Seven Hills, Top view Narayana Hills, is located in Srivari Padalu, a location on the Tirumala hill temple. When Lord Venkateswara descended from Vaikuntam, he had already planted a foot. initial steps on earth. Srivari Padalu translates to "Lord Venkateswara's Feet" in English.

According to history, Lord Sri Venkateswara traveled to Tirumala in search for his wife, Sri Maha Lakshmi. She had a deep respect towards the sage Brigu Maharshi, even though the sage had insulted him by kicking him on the chest in front of his wife. The exquisite location of Srivari Padalu is highly priceless after Lord Balaji stepped on these hills.

Every day, a sizable number of followers came. Devotees crowd the area, compete with one another to touch the deity's feet, and frequently smash coconuts to show their piety and reverence. presenting fresh leaves and flowers.

Tirumala Tirupati Temple

What’s Special about this Temple:

If you are a first time visitor Srivari Padalu temple is located in Tirupati. The Srivari Padalu temple is around 5 km away from the main temple of TTD Tirumala. It is to be said that Lord Vishnu’s avatar, Lord Venkateswara, has made his first appearance on earth. Make Srivari Padalu the focal point of your trip  if you are planning to visit Tirupati. Lord Venkateswara's footsteps are worshiped by the worshippers at this location. It is really enjoyable to witness the top view of the Tirumala Main Temple, which is one of the most magnificent temple towns in the world. 

This holy place has been mentioned in Puranas, Vedas and other Hindu Scriptures which were  faithfully followed by Hindu believers. Lord Venkateswara's holy feet made their initial contact with the earth here on the Narayanagiri Hills which is one of the seven celestial hills.

Location of Srivari Padalu, Distance Maps on Google:

Distance is an important factor to know how to reach this temple.

There are numerous taxis, personal transportation services, and jeeps both shared and private that can take you from the most sacred location to the present location. Approximately 300 steps must be climbed by pilgrims to get to this holy location. 

The Nearby railway station is located 5 km away from Tirumala Tirupati Main Balaji Temple whereas the nearest Bus Station is 4 km away from the Temple.

Footprints of Venkateswara

Ambience of the Temple and Nearby Surroundings:

The Srivari Padalu is currently enclosed in a glass frame and set on a firm stone pedestal so that worshippers cannot directly touch the footprints.

The TTD Srivari Padalu location is quite beautiful, with everything covered in trees, flowers, and vegetation. The route to the present location from Tirumala Tirupati Temple can lead to more satisfaction. Temple is very picturesque with a lush forest full of unseasoned vegetation that exhibits the village culture.

The Timings of Srivari Padalu Temple: 

Srivari Padalu is open for visits from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Nearby Places to Visit

Silathoranam is another location close to having a religious importance. a well-known location called Kapila Theertham mark was also seen. It is a naturally occurring rock formation called a "thoranam" that resembles a stone gate. A garden and a temple to Lord Shiva are also there. It is a significant location as TTD Seva Managements personally endorses this.

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