Itís All the Technology That Changed the Travelling Industries- Airbnb Vs Hotels

Its All the Technology That Changed the Travelling Industries- Airbnb Vs Hotels

Time is changing. So is the society and us. The idea of everything is being modified and is getting updated.The sole reason behind such changes is the technology. With the modern technology, we have been getting more upgraded.The travelling industry is growing with the technology and it brings in much more for you.Gone are those days when the travellers used to book a hotel or a lodge before or after visiting the place. it is just a place where you are having every essentiality to live in for few days.Time has changed so is the idea. The hotel booking is now gone. Everyone now wants to be cosy and comfortable in the holidays and want to be like at home.Airbnb has changed the notion of the HotelsKeeping this in mind, Airbnb has let you enter into a new world.We cannot think of letting any stranger get into our house or we will also dont like to visit anyone strange while we travelBut Airbnb has made it something brilliant where you can spend the entire holidays with the accommodation sharing concept.Well, a comparison comes with the Airbnb with the hotels.We are well known with the hotels and how we get it access. But what about the Airbnb. Though it has got a lot of popularity even after they started in 2009, knowing about them is quite impressive.Know what actually Airbnb do for you?Now, what does Airbnb does?It actually rent out properties through online marketplace at new places. You may be visiting the place for holidays or for your official work. Airbnb just brings in guests to houses which are being registered. Different options are being given and photos of the properties are also being shared. Based on the requirement, you can choose either the entire property or the shared one or any other options.What more can it do for me?Is this the only thing that it gives to us?Well absolutely not. Airbnb can do a lot more than you think. It can help you constantly to support you and help to live a local life. Whether its the morning walk or the nearby farmyard or the night out parties, Airbnb representatives share you all the secrets. Rather they help you to know about the place with the eye of the people living there.So now I think you have rightly being convincedStill, we have something more to share about it. Let me tell you why people prefer the Airbnb than the hotels.How is Airbnb helpful for both the hosts and guests?Well, it can be told about the financial factors. Within a limit budget, you can get far more luxury accommodation which would have cost you much more in the case of hotels. Even sometimes the locations of the house are in the prime position that they are incomparable.On other hands, it is also a sturdy income for the household only just by sharing or giving a lease of your property for few days or for a month or a year. That would surely help in the household income and boost it to a higher level similar to a 15% pay rise.So there is no reception no person to meet. The entire thing is done by the Airbnb. After you book a property for the host and you will be introduced. Now it is both of you who will decide everything. They would determine where to meet and how to get all the things done. Even sometimes representatives from the Airbnb can turn ups to you instead of the host directly.After that, the property would be shown to you and every detail of the local amenities and travelling is being provided. The key handover is done with the permission of both the party.What about the payment?For the payment, you can pay the full amount through the Airbnb. After you pay it to Airbnb the host will receive the amount right after 24 hours from your payment.Its safe and secure with the professional services provided by the Airbnb.Now here are some emotional things that come into consideration- trust.After you spend any holidays, the host can leave reviews about you and even the guests can leave reviews about hosts on their registered profiles. Whatever may be the comment you have to accept it and let it go?One more thing to register you Id you can have to connect it with the social media accounts or with the photo Id. The photo Id can be one of the options while you are looking at the last minutes.Pros of the AirbnbAt the end part, we would show you some factual pros and cons of the Airbnb and the hotels.
  • Airbnb is mostly cheaper options than the hotels. Compared to the location, service provided or even the luxury that is being given, Airbnb is much cheaper.
  • Help you to be more like the locals than being a tourist. There are neighbours, local grocery shops, and even the life of a local (even you have to throw away your own garbage bag at the right place). Well at hotels there is some rules and regulation that has to be followed.
  • If you are planning for a medium-term or a long-term stay, hotels are the bad option. Airbnb is perfect in that case.
Pros of the HotelsWell here are few cons too
  • If you are sharing a property, then you have to follow the rules of the homeowner. Late night checks in a can or early morning check-out can be awful sometimes. It is not a much issue at hotels though.
  • If you are planning for a short-term stay, the hotel is a better option.
  • Airbnb is illegal still in many cities and town. So you have to choose the hotels there.
  • No room service, no breakfast at the bed, no 24x7 reception you have to do it all by yourself.
Hope this article is quite helpful for you to have an idea about Airbnb and about its comparison with the hotels. Experience both of them and hope you can find out what really is.Lets wish you good luck with the Airbnb!!!