Thailand opened 3 more beaches to tourists amid covid spike

Thailand opened 3 more beaches to tourists amid covid spike

From last Tuesday vaccinated foreign tourists can enter the so-called exercise program in Phuket and enter Kirby, Phang Nga and Mount Samoa, where they do not need to spend at least a week isolating themselves.


Thailand has added three popular beaches to its visa program that allow foreign visitors to take off the essential exclusivity that is vital to the tourism industry that has been ruined by its gulf and a new economic boom. The key can be seen.

The visa expiration is another attempt to revive Thailand's tourism industry, as Omicron's mutation caused a new wave of infections with Covid. The tourism-dependent country last week explored complete isolation to stem a surge in new cases, which attracted nearly 350,000 travelers in just two months.

The sandbox program aims to reduce tourist arrivals in Samoa by 50%, "which is still better than zero, but better than the total travel ban," said Rampuran Polsawadi, president of the Samoa Tourism Association. Samoa. "Tourist traffic comes to a halt during rush hours, so the impact on the area is significant."

Bad strategy

The delayed relaunch strategy undermines Thailand's growth prospects as the tourism sector accounted for a fifth of the country's economy before the outbreak, with 40 million foreign tourists reaching $60 billion in 2019.

Deutsche Bank AG economist Juliana Lee said in a report on Monday that "new forms and tighter border controls in Thailand and elsewhere threaten the forecast and growth of Thai tourists". “Global tourism can take many years to fully recover. Travelers take time to build trust in traveling abroad – people avoid traveling to distant and unknown places. Until they are convinced of the effectiveness of the treatment Don't be

Phuket Resort, the first province in Thailand to end mandatory isolation of immunocompromised travelers since July 1, is currently grappling with the biggest increase in daily life since the outbreak. About 60% of the patients are hospitalized. The beds here are completely within the budget. However, local officials promised to continue the program, saying the island's health system could be restored.

“The situation in Phuket is no different from that of many other countries. This shows what we did. Damage was requested as soon as possible and we made corrections when we got more information.

Following the holidays and New Year celebrations, COVID infections are on the rise in Thailand, and Omicron cases now capture most of the new infections found at receptions and local groups. A total of 7,133 new cases were reported in Thailand on Tuesday.