The story of a girl who left her city life and moved to the hills!!

The story of a girl who left her city life and moved to the hills!!

It may be common to see people migrating from villages and towns to metropolitan cities. People migrate for several reasons especially for convenience and job opportunities but we rarely see people migrating from the big cities to small towns or villages.

This is the story of Nitya Budhraja, who abandoned the daily hustle-bustle of her life in the metropolitan city of Delhi and decided to move to the mountains. She lives with her family and runs a small estate in Sattal. She is also very much involved with the local community of the place for its growth and improvement.

When you hear about her story, the first question that comes to our minds is that what inspired her to take such a big step to change her whole life. When we asked her this question, she replied saying that she didn't feel happy in that life. She could feel the growing distance between my thoughts and my actions.

She said "I remember when I was in my office one day and decided that this is my last. I didn't even think through it, but then I made a decision that I didn't want to do anything just for the sake of doing things or because everybody was doing the same. I asked myself some questions to understand what drives me and what I'm passionate about. This self-realization was pretty clear and I came with the conclusion that I'm the happiest when I'm in nature and mountains.

People usually like to visit the hills and peaceful places such as Sattal but now I can't even imagine myself in their lives and definitely not willing to trade lives. 

But does it ever get too slow or monotonous for you, we asked. To this, she replied that she doesn't get the time for rest whole days. "Sometimes I visit the city for a little break or when the resources aren't available here and some work needs to get done quickly," she added. "I'm so busy all day and this is perhaps what may be keeping me sane. But, even the hectic days have such moments when there is quiet and peace."

We asked Nitya about her daily routine in her new life. She replied saying that it is very hectic but at the same time fulfilling. I feel like my work is rewarding and quite simple. She said that people might think that living in the Himalayas is something picturesque and romantic but in reality. It is quite boring. 

At 6 am in the morning, I take my dogs for a walk. By around 7.30 am, I start cooking in the Cafe or prepping till 10.00 pm. There is a lot going on in between this time. A lot of laughter, chaos, silence, taking breaks, taking care of the dogs, answering calls and replying to emails, solving maintenance related issues. Apart from this, I even have to stop the cattle from eating the plants. Sometimes I even spot a leopard or other wildlife creatures from a distance. Nitya said that " Even though Every day is mostly the same and yet a little different."

Did you ever hesitate or doubt the whole idea of changing your life like this? We asked her. To which she replied, "Not at all. I don't think I'm the type of person who holds themselves back or analyze too much. I went all in and just did everything with the flow."

As your family is living with you in Sattal. Does it ever make you think that should have had an influence on your decision or you would have shift regardless of that as well?

Nitya answered, "My father has always been the biggest influence of my life. The way he chose to live his life has definitely influenced the way I lead my life too. Sattal had always been my parent's place. On the other hand, I like my own space and freedom so Sattal had never really been my place. But even then, I’ve had an emotional attachment to Sattal and love for what it is. 

"Shifting to Sattal had happened overnight when my dad suddenly passed away. So there was really no choice left or even time to think so much. My mother chose to live here, so I also decided to move back to "home". I think it was all my destiny. 

While living in the hills, do you ever miss anything about city life? Yes, she replied. She missed the amazing food in Delhi. She told us that whenever she goes back to Delhi, she eats a lot.

Tell us how is your life here more fulfilling than before? Nitya replied saying that it is really strange that even though the distance between me and my family or friends has increased but my relationships have definitely improved and my bond with my loved ones is stronger. And I'm happier as a person now than before. I feel healthy and at peace with my life. 

The Tourism sector has seen a huge boom in the previous years. How do you feel about that? 
I think that it's both good and bad as well. Tourism is becoming highly irresponsible. When I visit a hill station, I realize that there is a lot of garbage lying around here and there and people do not care about these places at all. But, tourism is also good because it ensures a livelihood for the local people, especially in the villages.
How can people become more responsible towards the environment?
It is really important to introspect. We should be aware of the consequences of our actions and then act accordingly. The use of plastics can be curbed if the people start saying no to using plastic made items. 
Some of the things that I suggest people should do are:

  1. Stop purchasing bottled water.

  1. Carry a metal straw with you and stop using the plastic ones.

  1. Carry a coffee mug with you instead of using a plastic one every time.

  1. Make use of the old plastic boxes. You can even grow plants in them.

  1. Try to grow a small garden at your home. Stop buying the things that you can grow by yourself.

  1. Reduce the consumption of plastic as much as possible. 

Lastly, when asked if you would like to move back to the city one day. Nitya replied saying that I don't think so but life is very unpredictable and I've learned to go with the flow.

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