Essential items one must pack before going on a trip abroad!

Essential items one must pack before going on a trip abroad!

Whether it is your first time or you are a seasoned traveler with frequent visits, a checklist before you travel only does good. Check out our list as your travel date approaches to have a hassle-free and easy travel where you do not have to rush to get things at the end.


Make a list of all the important documents or papers you might need to carry. Keep documents like the plane ticket, passport etc ready as these are the most important things while traveling abroad. You will also need to use these during your arrival and departure so keep it in a place that is handy and easily accessible for you.


After you are done with your important documents, cash is the most important thing not just while traveling but in general. Call your credit card company prior to travel or they might cancel your card for fraud. Also, organize your cash and keep some handy in a place easily accessible and never keep all the cash in the same place just in case of theft or your luggage gets mixed up!


Most of us overdo with the clothing just in case we might need something so it is important that you keep only the things you will actually need. It is ideal to travel light so if your clothes are taking up too much space make sure you lose the ones that are extras or optional. To keep it light you can also choose to wear a heavy jacket while traveling so it will save up your luggage space. Preferably keep your clothes ironed so they are more organized and occupy less space.


It is very important that you carry a universal adapter when traveling adapter for you never know when you might need it. Apart from your laptop, camera and phone charger, you might also need to carry your electronic shaver, mp3 player and your smartwatch charger.


Although if you are staying at a posh hotel they might provide all your basic toiletries still it is always safe to carry small travel-friendly items just in case. Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, shampoo, conditioner, hair ties, bobby pins, hairbrush, sunscreen, q-tips, cotton pads, some laundry detergent and a few disposable bags are a must. If you are a female you must always keep some extra sanitary napkins for you never know where and when your lady friend arrives!


The very first step in this is to check for Disease Control and Preventions site for the needed shots or vaccines. They also give you a list of essential medicines, travel vaccines and other travel information necessary for your travel while visiting the other country. Other essentials include your personal prescriptions, bandages, gauze, antiseptic liquid, antiseptic ointment, scissor and some cotton pads. Thermometer, cold and allergy medicines, eye drops, sunburn relief, insect repellent are some more essentials you can carry. Always carry a hand sanitizer with you whenever you step out of the house.


Travel pillow, magazines, eye mask, travel games or cards, a journal and a pen are somethings which will be very resourceful for you when the need arises. Take a guidebook and a translator or language guide if the place is totally unknown to you.

Lastly, wherever you are traveling we hope you have a great journey. Make sure you plan everything beforehand so that you will not miss out on anything there and even if you do, do not panic as you can find a replacement for it there for sure. Hope you have a great trip ahead.

Bon voyage!