Things to Check Before International Travel

Things to Check Before International Travel

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When you are planning a vacation abroad, there are so many minute things to be done beforehand in order to enjoy hassle-free holidays. Sometimes it may be so that our planning may not work in the same as we all have expected. But it's common saying good planning is the key to good trip and planning becomes more vital when you are landing in an unknown land. So here is the list of small things which you must need to check before international travel.

Documents Compilation

Its not necessary that we can remember the expiry date of our passport. So its better to once go through your passport and confirm the expiry date and plan your travel accordingly. In general concern, we should check that our passport may not get expired in the coming six months before we enter the foreign land. In case of any query, you can visit the State Departments Website for full details.Visa policy for each foreign nation differs. The application process for visas varies from nation to nation. For example, if you have an American passport then you can get full details regarding the visa policy and the time you are allowed to spend in each country at the State Departments Website. Here it is important to note that visa application is an expensive and time-consuming affair. So if you have done earlier with the Visa process, then you are a lucky one. But the last important thing to be notified is the compilation of all necessary documents related to your travel in a single file, will make your trip more organize and for every document, you need not to check your all luggage through. So make one complied form of documents have easy access to the important one.
Pre-Medical check-ups
Before traveling to a foreign country, you must visit your physician beforehand. The medical insurance should also be reviewed to check whether any necessary vaccination is pending or the emergency prescribed drugs are fully stocked according to the doctor or not. You may need an authenticated note from your doctor mentioning the permission to bring certain prescription medications into the country. For the most updated medical recommendations, you can visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Website.In case if you are taking medicine on a regular basis then, stock the medicine as per your travel time. If you are traveling to any remote area then do carry common medicine, that is non-prescribed. Like common pain killers etc. your survival kit may include Neosporin, bandaids, ibuprofen, earplugs, eye mask, sleeping aid, headphones, any prescription medicine, and hand sanitizer.Bring photocopies of your prescriptions, packed separately from your medicine, and note the generic drug name. Always pack your medicine, in its prescription bottles, in your carry-on bag. Those travelers who use syringes they must carry informed consent from their doctors. Always declare the syringes before you go through security.If you are carrying your pets too, make sure they are vaccinated too. In some foreign countries, they check the vaccination card of Pets to enter their country too. This is done to prevent foreign land from any epidemiology due to the entry of foreign pets.
Check for travel warning and register your trip
For updated travel warnings and travel alerts, you need to visit the State Departments Counselor Information Programs. Its worth checking this website and the most recommended advice before departing to a foreign land. It is advisable to enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) so that the State Department can assist you in case of an emergency. Similarly submit your name, address and the valid phone number to the embassy of the foreign country. So that they can contact you on the destination, where you are traveling. Many travel insurance policies will not cover travel to countries that are under travel warnings. Registration with these Websites is free.The metrological review you should be done. checking the atmospheric conditions in the foreign land will make your holiday better as you will carry basic necessities as per the prevailing climate in which you are departing. If you are traveling with children, then it is very important to check temperature variation too, so that you can take preventive measure.
Financial Back UP
Before departing to the foreign land, call your concerned bank, who have issued credit cards to you and inform them regarding your travel and give them valid information of the foreign country where you are traveling. In case if you fail to inform your bank, then the bank can deny the foreign transactions considering it to be suspicious. Travelers' cheques are no longer considered in a foreign land, especially if you are traveling to less developed foreign countries. So use ATM S. Memorize your numeric PIN, as many ATM keypads will not display the numbers and letters we use, or they may be placed differently on the keypad. Keep some cash too as many places you cant use your cards like tickets of bus and trains you will need cash. Monetary conversion process should be done to avoid any financial issues related to currency in a foreign land.
Buy Travel Insurance
Before traveling abroad, check the health care policy terms and conditions. Take care that they cover international medical facilities or not. A smart way to protect your trip and your money is to purchase travel insurance. Policies and coverage vary from provider to provider, but the basic idea is that you can have your money refunded if your trip has to be canceled, postponed, or cut short for any number of reasons.
Make Copies of Travel Documents
It is highly recommendable to carry at least one colored copy of your passport ID page and stored it in a safe manner, away from your passport. The current travel visa should also be get photocopied. Hotel reservations acknowledgment slip, train tickets are also needed to be Xerox. If your phone is having sensitive information then make security settings to protect the vital information.
Obtain an International Driving Permit
If you are dreaming of an international road trip, then my tiny piece of advice would be to obtain an international driving permit. This is recommended as driving without having a valid license then driving is illegal in some countries. Car rental companies offer insurance, but for a license, you will need an international driving permit. It would be a smart move that gets familiarize by the rules and regulations of local driving laws of the foreign land where you are landing for holidays.
Get all the necessary electronic gadgets
Electronic sockets are different in different countries, so carry your adapters that allow your electronic devices to get a plug into foreign sockets. It is recommended to check the strength of electrical current and compatibility of the devices which you are carrying with yourself while traveling to a foreign country. It would be worth buying portable batteries and chargers.
Learn key Phrases of local languages
Try to learn the local language of the foreign land where you are traveling. The basic common communication skills in the local language will help you to get things easily and you can overcome language barriers. If you are well versed with the local phrases of the foreign country, then you it will be easy for you to convey food allergies, any chronic medical conditions too.
Research entry and exit fees
In spite you are having your visa, then also check whether the foreign country you are departing either charge for entry or exit fees. The visa is a costly affair and certain countries do charges beyond the visa expenses for entry and exit in their country.So when you are planning to depart in a foreign land then you must keep the listed things in mind and enjoy your stay abroad.