This Italian village will pay you INR 24.75 lakhs to move there

This Italian village will pay you INR 24.75 lakhs to move there

A picturesque Italian city made a unique show! He will pay you a huge amount to go out and start a business there. This village is said to offer interested applicants the opportunity to move there, while applicants will also be paid to move there. Italian will pay you INR 24.75 lakhs.

Calabrians are said to be offering up to €28,000 (INR 24,73,744) to people who want to move there for a maximum of three years.

Reports say the town, which has a population of only 2,000, expects this offer to reflect years of population decline there.

In recent years, several villages faced a similar problem and were selling houses for only 1 euro without any deposit.

Also in the past year, cities like Cinquefrondi, Bisaccia and Sambuca have presented similar officials, making international headlines.

However, unlike other places, Calabria will pay homebuyers around INR 24.75 to move there and stay for up to three years. Italian will pay you INR 24.75 lakhs.

The only requirement is that buyers be under 40 years old, and they will be required to have a new business in the city to boost its economy, which is also facing the problem of population migration. You can start a new business or take over an existing business.

In addition, those who are willing to relocate must do so within 90 days of their successful application.

The project has reportedly been called Active Residence Income, and its main motivation is to promote Calabria as a place for 'southern work', the modified version of remote work in southern Italy.

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