This valentine week must go these top 5 places in kerala

This valentine week must go these top 5 places in kerala

After marriage, there is always a platform to relieve stress (and anxiety) such as wedding planning, valentine week planning long festivities and post-wedding romance. Enter: Honeymoon There is nothing like having a special place for your honeymoon as one thing aims to make the whole experience memorable. So, as the country moves towards the northern hills of India, we hope that ginger has the right ingredients to add to your honeymoon in Kerala.

In Valentine week ,Couples should plan to live comfortably in their own home and answer wedding emails without disconnecting from the beach resort. Plugged in to make sure the honeymoon isn't just a real vacation and a geographic change.


If you want to see the beautiful life of Kerala then
Munnar is the place for you. Ideal for those who prefer solitude away from the mountains. Mountain lakes, spice gardens, footpaths, tea gardens like postcards, smiling men and elephants roaming the plains - everything in the tower and best for valentine week. You can get it in a day. Or you can always stop here and explore the river and the forest. Discover the magic of the tower and you'll never do it again.


Wayanad is a place that reminds tourists of lush green mountains and fresh air. This place is very suitable for those who want to travel around the world and spend more time here to love pure nature. Silence of such a place. While spending time with natural places, visitors to this unique mountain village can do some interesting things – trekking Sullivan Heights, exploring the mysterious caves and unique wildlife and mysterious islands. Or take a boat ride through the beautiful dam. and water sources. After exploring the length and breadth of this place, visitors can take a few days to see some interesting places including Ooty, Cork, Konar, Mysore and Bekal this valentine week.


Beach on the Arabian Sea in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, Kovalam is a lush beach town with open beaches, spectacular historical sites and some of the best seafood spots in South India.


Kumarakom is a must-see for any traveler planning a trip to Kerala. The biggest reason for this is that this strange city has everything that makes Kerala one of the most popular tourist destinations in valentine week. The beautiful Vembanad Lake plays host to the famous Nehru Boat Race and submarines (lots of fun on the houseboat). Apart from this, various waterfalls, hiking spots, beaches and greenery add to the natural beauty of the place. A visitor can explore the richness of the socio-cultural aspect of Kumarakom and can visit various ancient temples and museums spread across the country.


The Alleppey is one such place that attracts tourists and couples in valentine week from all over Kerala. Lord Curzon called the checklist God's elliptical "Venus of the East". The landscape between the Salt Flats and the Arabian Sea charms you with its oval meadows, lush green backwaters, strange villages, dreamy waterways, dreamy islands, coconut groves, secluded beaches and luxurious yachts. A favorite of luxury seekers and backpackers, Aleppo is the perfect start to your Kerala odyssey.

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