Top 10 beaches in the world with the clearest water

Top 10 beaches in the world with the clearest water

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Best Beachesin the World

Summer is knocking the door! Is your beach body ready? Well...who cares! Come summer and every soul is looking out for those sun-kissed lazy days by the beach, the refreshing scent of water and the beach-clubs really buzzing with life again!This summer get yourself the very best beach experiences. With water as clear as it gets, these glittery blue beaches should be your only source of Vitamin C.Since picking the right beach for your summer shenanigans is such a mammoth of a task (well, theres a zillion of them all around the world), we have done a little something to sort you out.Heres a list of the top 10 beaches in the world with the clearest water.Flip Flops check, sunscreen check, cute bikini check, cold beer - check...what are you even waiting for? Start ticking these stunning beaches off your bucket-list already!
Fulhadhoo, Maldives

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When talking about pristine blue waters and the best beaches in the world, Maldives but essentially tops the list! However, when one comes to this tropical haven, one is usually looking to escape. So then, why not escape in its most literal sense when here at the Maldives?Yes, the Fulhadhoo islands is a getaway in the truest sense. With only about 250 local inhabitants, no tourist attractions and a single hotel! If youre looking for a complete break from civilization and the hustle-bustle, Fulhadhoo is your answer.Whats more? Expect untouched coral reefs, Palm trees swaying along with the cool sea breeze and largely no mosquitoes. Turtles and dolphins adorn the island without any human-generated fear. The crystal waters of the Indian Ocean are of course the greatest feature of the island. Swimming around in pure bliss, you shall never want to leave!Note: It takes 2 hours to reach in a speed boat from Male. Along with the distinctive place, comes its specifics laws and customs. Tourists should not wear bikinis outside the west beach or consume alcohol at any point.Read more:-Enjoy Your Summer with Cool Beach Hacks
Cala Macarelleta, Menorca, Spain

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One of the top 10 beaches in the world, this is a Spanish wonder tucked in a cove on western Menorca. It is one of Europes most clear beaches with turquoise blue expanses to dive into.A white sand beach, this ones truly a wonder. Expect to walk for about 20 minutes for getting to the Cala Macarellata. If youre looking for scenic peace and calm, this beach is great for the same during Winters.There is free parking plus a buzzing beach-side restaurant. Sip on sangria, grab some tapas and drown your sorrows looking at the Spanish sunset from this stunning beachside.
Palawan, Philippines (El Nido, Ipil and Dam Trau Beach)


The Philippines is known for its beautiful Palawan archipelago with 1,780 islands. It promises of crystal blue waters and the best beaches in the world.The El Nido is easily accessible by Air. Regular flights from Manila to El Nido shall take you around 75 minutes to reach. From the airport, tri-cycles can take you to wherever youre headed. The El Nido beach has powdery-fine sand to walk barefoot on. Enjoy the soft sand slipping beneath your toes as transparent crystal waters splash against you.The clear waters make it a popular spot for scuba diving. As you relax on the beach, a variety of exclusive views await you. Limestone structures that have naturally developed over time, surrounding marbled cliffs, coves and waterfalls, and the beautiful empty lagoons make El Nido ever more enchanting to visit. Marine life is super rich with 50+ species of coral. Whats more? Spot whales, sharks, sea cows, manta rays and dolphins in the associating waters!If you want a rather localized, tourist-free experience, go to the Ipil Beach and Dam Trau Beach instead. Ipil is characterized by of course clear waters plus swaying arrays of Palm trees. Monkeys, turtles, and corals complete the picture. Dam Trau, white sand beach is all about wilderness. Forestry in abundance, imagine a beach surrounded by bamboo and pines, featuring snowy fine sand and hammocks to hang around on all day.Read more;-Best Summer Holiday Destinations In The World
Pink Beach, Komodo National Park, Indonesia

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Indonesia is all about water. Water swings and water villas. And naturally occurring infinity pools opening up into vast oceanic expanses of blue (Nusa Penida). It does naturally also boast of some of the clearest beaches out there in the world. However, what if you can enjoy crystal blue waters alongside sandy shores that are actually pink in color? Seems only possible in a fairyland right? White sand beaches are so last season!For those whod love an extra dose of Pink in their lives or simply long to experience yet another wonder of nature. The Pink Beach is a mystical coastline tucked in the Indonesian Komodo National Park.So embark on your Indonesian mystery with taking some pink sand in your hands and getting that perfect holiday picture. The pink color here is due to the red corals being washed away by the sea and mixing into the shores. A small trek in the village hillocks shall give you an even better view of the pink beach from atop. The transparent ferocious waves splashing on to the pink specs of the sand show even brighter under the suns reflection. Snorkel in the turquoise waters and gorge on some heart-warming Nasi Goreng to seal your day.Still not appeased by the mystery of it all? How about spotting living dragons in the nearby national park area? Yes, the Komodo national park is Indonesias own Jurassic world with the biggest dinosaur-looking monitor lizards of the world.Note: travelers are tempted to carry back some of the pink beauty along with them and you shall find others around you doing so. However, please dont follow suit as any sand you carry back shall be confiscated at the airport. Moreover, this only leaves the beach gradually becoming less pink for future tourists.
Fernando de Noronha, Brazil (Sancho Bay and Baia dos Porcos)

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Famous for the most mystical blue waters, the Fernando de Noronha in Brazil, comprising of 21+ islands is awe-inspiring. It is located 545 Km from Recife. Travel by air or the sea to Noronha. Direct flights are available too.Once in Noronha, you have to make your way to whats been voted as the best beach in the world twice already the world-famous Sancho Bay. Limited people are allowed as it is a preserved spot of natural beauty (preservation fees applies).In order to get to the beach, one has to climb down three fleets of stairs. These are cut out within rock structures. However, after all that effort, what awaits you is truly mesmerizing. The water is on the calmer side, making it perfect for a relaxing swim. Its clear to the extent that visibility underwater extends to 50 meters horizontally at around 26-degree Celsius.The sheer clarity of the emerald-hued waters makes the beach a preferred site for scuba lovers. Full of vibrantly colored fishes and corals, snorkel, and dive at the Sancho for memories of the marine underwaters. Quite isolated and supple with finest grains of sand; it shall but of course be the dream spot of all beach-obsessed crazies.Note: Its best to head here during the monsoon seasons (April-June). This is because you shall witness yet another enchanting addition to the beachs beauty at the time. Two waterfalls naturally fall down from the surrounding cliffs finishing up the scenically tranquil painting.Another great spot for obsessing around crystal clear waters in Norhona is the Baia dos Porcos. It is a small cove which can be accessed only from Cacimba do Padre. It is quite a hidden gem and a country secret. If looking for a stunning hide-out, it just doesnt get better than this.Whats more? The beautiful backdrop of turquoise blue is adorned by iconic black rocks. Climb on top of the rocks while the waves splash away on them. Get click here for your perfect Brazillian quintessential snap. Enjoy the best views from atop the rock of the magical surroundings.
Exuma, Bahamas (Big Major Cay and Pelican)
A different island for each day of the year (well, almost) is what you shall find in Exuma, Bahamas. Yes, the district is dotted by 365+ islands or cays. The water of the Bahamas, in general, is famous for being as clear and see-through as it gets.However, for a uniquely fun experience, head to the big island. Yes, the Big Major Cay is actually inhabited by 20 or so odd pigs, landing on the shores from nowhere! You can actually swim with these cute creatures in the shallow parts of the cay (an experience you cannot live anywhere else in the world). How these pigs came here is a topic of contention. Theyre not local to the area and are believed to be brought by past inhabitants or escaping a shipwreck.One of the clearest and longest beaches, however, is the Pelican or Tropic of Cancer Beach in Little Exuma. Whats special about this one? Well, its the supremely transparent waters. There are no corals or rocks giving way to an obstruction-free crystal blue expanse to flock around in. One thats still a hidden secret, tucked away from mainstream tourists, this gem is your savior if youre looking to rejuvenate.
Navagio Bay, Zakynthos, Greece
Soft white sand amidst snowy-limestone cliffs and crystal blue Mediterranean waters. It is most definitely one of the top 10 beaches in the world.Greece is the land of beautiful beaches with an atmosphere so different from the rest of the world. The blue and white themes of the Greek land add to the charm of it all. Also popular for the worlds best sunsets, the beaches here encapsulate it all to present you with the most mesmerizing experiences.Perhaps the most intriguing and yet breathtaking beach, however, is the Navagio Bay in Zakynthos. Firstly, Zakynthos attracts lesser tourists than key places such as Santorini and Mykonos. However, it is increasingly becoming popular for mainstream tourism as it houses the most enchanting coastal beaches. Take a bus to Zakynthos city and then a ship to the Navagio Bay. This beach (also called the smugglers cove is located on the northwest coast of Zakynthos island.What makes Navagio beach stand out uniquely? Well, it is truly a beach with a difference. Ever expected to hang on a beach while encountering a washed away ship stranded next to you? Yes the name of the beach itself means shipwreck.History dates back to 1983 when a smuggler ship was supplying cigarettes to Italy illegally and crashed against the shores of Navagio. On being spotted, the smugglers abandoned the ship to sink near the beach. Then came a huge storm with this wrecked ship thrown away on to the Navagio bay sands. Since then this piece of Greek history lies on the alluring sands in all its glory.The Greeks decided not to move the ship as it became a great point of interest, boosting tourism. Whats more? The water here is characterized by strong waves. Lovely, for all you surfers out there! The surrounding impregnable cliffs are an obstruction during windy days, rendering a rather cozy cove to tuck and relax in.Note: This beach is only accessible by sea and during the daytime. There are tour boats leaving from the port of Zakynthos city. You should get here in the morning hours to enjoy the sun.
Devils Bay, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
The Caribbean archipelago, British Virgin Islands are but of course one of the world's most sought after destinations. When talking about this absolute wonder, one automatically connects to crystal clear turquoise waters. It houses some of the best beaches in the world.Out of the 4 main islands, the Virgin Gorda houses the best beach to unwind on. The beautiful Devils Bay can be accessed by trekking down the Baths or via a boat. The beach is intriguingly shaped like a horseshoe.Unhindered from mass-tourism and degradation, the beach upholds its natural beauty and authenticity even now. White sand expanses, transparent Caribbean water heavens, randomly suspended granite boulders and rich marine life...snorkel your way or float around in the crystal waters to wash all the stress away.Whats more? Looking for a party? Hire a yacht and explore the Caribbean sundowners with the gang. Fancy resorts offer honeymooners and luxury lovers the best views and hospitality.The islands themselves are influenced by not one but 3 distinct cultures. The rich legacies of the Indians, Africans, and the Spanish are evident in art, craft, food, and traditions of the place! Tranquil and enriching all at once a beach vacay here is a must do for everybody.
Zamami, Okinawa, Japan
The Zamami village in Japan is truly one of its kinds. Dotted with 20+ islands and only a population of about 900 people, it forms the best escape from a cumbersome hum-drum.The beautiful waters of these islands are actually a part of a designated national park. Theyre collectively called the Kerama Blue ocean and the islands are also known by this name. They house amongst the top 10 beaches in the world.Furuzamami Beach is a white sand beach on Zamami Island that is truly coastal heaven. Imagine pure glittering white sands extending up to 800 meters and more.Another great beach to visit in the area is Ama Beach. This ones located in the Ama village and especially famous for its insanely transparent waters.From lazing around on beautiful expanses of Ivory to adventure packed days of underwater explorations the Kerama Blue areas are loves of all water babies. Snorkel, Dive and indulge in marine sports at the crystal clear waters. In fact, it is the place to find one of the most drastic contrasts between the white sands and the adjacent transparent waters.Whats more? The rugged topography adds to the natural beauty. Designated sunset points are a real thing here assuring tons of Insta worthy captures.How to reach: It is a 40 Km or 1-hour ferry ride from the Tomari port (Naha).
Heron Island Beach, Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Mecca for all scuba enthusiasts, the Great Barrier Reef is of course on every water fanatics bucket list. Australia is known for housing amongst the top 10 beaches in the world for diving and coral explorations. However, the Coast of Heron Island is the best way to experience the Great Barrier Reef, untouched from the evils of modernization.The island is actually called so because of the large number of heron birds found here. The bird life otherwise is immensely abundant. The island is actually famous for its extremely rich flora and fauna. It houses 900 of the total 1500 fish species and 72% of the total coral species found on the Great Barrier Reef alone. Thus you can only imagine the rich biodiversity of the place that attracts nature lovers from across the globe.The island is also a World Heritage-Marine National Park. Plan your beach vacay on the Heron Island, if youre a sucker for natural beauty and wildlife. More so, if youd like an adventure filled the holiday with tons of underwater coral spotting. In fact only 15 minutes away from the beach are Australias best dive locations!
Rabbit BeachSicily, Italy

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Italian southern summers and Sicilian beaches are a thing for quite some time now. Year on year tourists head to Italian coastlines for charming, sun-kissed Mediterranean escapes. However, this ones extra special as it tops the best beaches in the world list.Yes in 2013, TripAdvisor rated it as the best in the world. They recorded that travelers loved the beach due to its "crystal clear" waters, "soft sand" and "aquamarine colors."So should you expect to be welcomed by a hoard of cute rabbits on arrival at the beach? Sadly, the answer is no! In fact, what you can expect instead are tons of loggerhead turtles (on the sand and even underwater). Their overpowering presence on the beach has rendered it a listing of a natural reserve. Such that, fishing is now not allowed on the site. However, this actually means plentiful of fish in the sea to spot while snorkeling and diving.Best time to visit the beach is in the months of May, June, September, and October. The island can get quite hot with the warmest weather in August (suggested to avoid). If youd like to experience the magical hatching of the loggerhead turtle eggs, do visit in the summer months (they start laying eggs in April).What makes this white sand beach ever more unique is its strange location. It is situated quite far from Italy mainland. In fact, many think of the Rabbit beach as a Sicilian wonder, but it is actually right beside Lampedusa, between the coasts of Italy and Tunisia. In fact, it is closer to the African Tunisia than Italian Sicily! Thus, it is as remote as it gets (literally in the middle of nowhere) and just so beautifully enchanting.White sands and really blue waters, Roman ruins and underwater sculptures...get out those summer hats and head here for a culture-rich beach vacay.Read more;-Top 10 Hotels in Iceland