Top 5 Best Resorts in Shillong for your Memorable Staycations

Top 5 Best Resorts in Shillong for your Memorable Staycations

Shillong, popularly known as "The Abode of Clouds," is a hill station in northeastern India and the state capital of Meghalaya. It is frequently referred to as the "Scotland of the east." Visit these Resorts in Shillong to take in the breathtaking splendor of nature. These are a few Shillong resorts that you should choose if you want to have a fantastic time far away from the city's congestion.

So, before making a reservation, look over the following list of a few of the Top Resorts in Shillong.

Ri Kynjai- Calmness by the Lake

Ri Kynjai

Only a few handful resorts in Shillong can genuinely compare to the quality provided by Ri Kynjai - Calmness By the Lake. The 45-acre luxury resort faces the beautiful Umiam Lake and provides you with the ideal amount of peace and comfort throughout your stay in Shillong. There are several different types of lodging available here, including luxurious standard and premium double rooms as well as cottages inspired by the ancient Khasi cottages.

If you want to spend a weekend away or are visiting Shillong, this resort is a great option. One of the best resorts in Shillong, everything else at this resort exudes elegance and diligence, from its setting and lodgings to the cuisine and friendliness.

Location: Ri Bhoi District, Umiam Lake

Facilities: The resort provides facilities like spa services, hot tub services, an on-site restaurant, and a bar. The resort offers boating, nature walks, bird viewing, and sightseeing as recreational activities.

Price: INR 9,400 onwards

Breeze Dale Resorts in Shillong for Tourists

Breeze Dale

Breeze Dale Tourist Resort (a home away from home), is establishing the standard for other resorts in the area to meet. On the Guwahati-Shillong Road, the resort is perfectly situated within a lush natural environment. The resort's relaxed atmosphere will let you effectively forget the routine tasks of everyday life.

The charming resort is spread out across 30 acres and has a well-kept lawn where you may see a variety of bird species. The freshly prepared food is another important element that contributes to the resort's popularity with visitors. Breeze Dale is the best option in the area if you're searching for inexpensive lodging with a cozy atmosphere.

Location: Shillong-Guwahati Road in Umsning

Facilities: The resort provides services like a restaurant, garden, and laundry. The resort offers tourism and nature walks among its activities.

Price: INR 990 onwards

Poinisuk Resort

Poinisuk resort

Poinisuk Resort is a choice you must take into consideration when traveling to Shillong. It is one of the many resorts that is popular with both residents and visitors visiting the city. This resort has beautiful architecture and offers accommodations that are well-equipped to ensure a comfortable stay.

The resort offers rooms in three different categories: executive suites, premium suites, and deluxe suites. You can have some delectable meals at the restaurant's on-site restaurant as well. Poinisuk Resort boasts excellence on all fronts, from setting to cuisine, and is deserving of a visit.

Location: Shillong, Laitumkhrah

Facilities: The resort provides facilities like an elevator, a bar, and a rooftop restaurant. The resort has a nature walk, boats, and a health club.

Price: INR 3,000 onwards

Polo Towers Resort

Hotel Polo Towers

If you're seeking for a destination where you may savor comforts and luxury, Polo Towers Resort, one of Shillong's most prominent resorts, is a great choice. The resort is perfect for all kinds of visitors, including couples on their honeymoon, family members, business trips, and friendship groups, and it can effectively meet all of their demands.

The majestic building of this 4-star resort is evidence that it is one of the most upscale lodging options Shillong has to offer. The resort offers four different room types: Premiere, Boutique, Executive Suite, and Presidential Suite, in addition to a comprehensive range of facilities. Additionally, the resort has a variety of food options to satisfy your desire.

Location: Shillong's Oak Land Road

Facilities: The resort provides facilities like a fitness club, eating choices, banquet space, and bar. The resort offers golf, tennis, fitness classes, and nature walks as well as tourism.

Price: INR 3,800 onwards

M Crown Resort

Shillong Resort

One of the greatest resorts in Shillong, known for its outstanding infrastructure and cutting-edge interiors. The resort gives you the opportunity to merge with nature and is a haven of luxury and relaxation. It features executive, deluxe, and premium rooms, all of which have cutting-edge amenities including Wi-Fi, wardrobes, and antique furnishings. It also has a restaurant and a coffeehouse where you may savor the tastiest meals and beverages.

Location: MarBa Hub on the third floor of Police Bazar in Shillong, Meghalaya (79301).

Facilities: Parking facilities, elevator, conference room, children's play area, spa center, shuttle service is among the amenities and activities.

Cost: Rs. 650 onwards

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