Top Restaurants and Places to Eat in Vienna- Ngtraveller

Top Restaurants and Places to Eat in Vienna- Ngtraveller

Vienna, Austria has its own distinct and delicious food, but you will also find restaurants offering other options for all tastes. When visiting the city, you may be interested in some interesting options! These are some of the best restaurants and places to eat when visiting Vienna.

Cafe Restaurant Leto

Cafe Restaurant Leto

It serves a great selection of Mediterranean dishes. Cafe Restaurant Leto is the best option for your dinner. The atmosphere is a mix between casual and elegant and this place is recommended for couples, business lunches, groups of friends or families.

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Figar has two locations, in the 4th and 7th districts. The seventh provides a more comfortable space, while the fourth is better for larger groups. All dishes are relatively healthy and there are options for a typical Viennese breakfast. Dishes can be small but affordable, so it may be worth ordering a few different items.

Da capo, Vienna

Da capo

De Capo is located in district 1, hidden between Stephansplatz and Stadtpark. Although they serve Mediterranean food, specifically Italian, the atmosphere is usually Viennese. You can choose from pizza, pasta and meat options, as well as the fresh salad bar. This place is great for large groups, but intimate enough for a date.

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Joseph brot

Josef Brot has a few places, each with a different menu. All branches have something unique to offer, but baked goods and bread are common to all branches. Come here if you want a healthy breakfast, lunch or early dinner, you won't be disappointed.



Salon Plafond is located in a beautiful annex building to the MAK (Museum of Applied Arts). There are two menus for this place and there are also two different types of sensations. During the day, especially in the summer when the wonderful backyard is open, this place is light and airy. In the evening, offering a more sophisticated (and priced) menu is more intimate.

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1500 foodmakers

1500 Foodmakers is conveniently located below the quirky 25-hour hotel on Lerchenfelderstraße. This is a great stop before a night upstairs or for a quieter night in the restaurant. Here you have a great selection of drinks and delicious food to go with it.

Klyo, Vianna


Klyo is centrally located in Urania in the 1st district. This is a busy place for breakfast - you can make a reservation at 9-11 or 13.30 on weekends and it is strictly for 2 hours only (that's short for a brunch in Vienna!) This place is booked and there is a good reason for that: it's delicious. If you don't want to rush, go for dinner and stick with the canal bar scene. In summer, this is an especially good option, as you can explore more canals and beach bars in the surrounding area.


Step into Brickmakers and you'll feel like you're out of Vienna. Noisy and largely English-speaking, this restaurant has a gastropub atmosphere with delicious food. Meat lovers will benefit from the many barbecue options, which come with some salads, but it's definitely worth ordering another savory side dish as well. This place is ideal for large groups, sports enthusiasts, and beer drinkers.