Top 10 Romantic Resorts in Bangalore For Couples- Ngtraveller

Top 10 Romantic Resorts in Bangalore For Couples- Ngtraveller

Would a romantic vacation with your partner at a luxury resort seem tempting? Then break the monotony of regular hours and plan a vacation at one of the romantic resorts. And if you plan to visit Bangalore in the short term, you will get plenty of romantic hotels and resorts to settle in.

Confused about which resort to book? Or do you want to know the best romantic resorts in Bangalore? We have handpicked the top 10 romantic resorts near Bangalore for you and your loved one. Pick one from this list and thank us later!

Goldfinch Retreat Resort Banglore

Who wouldn't love a combination of luxury and romance while on vacation with their partners? Everybody does it, right? Next, head to Goldfinch Retreat Resort, one of the most romantic resorts in Bangalore. Elegantly designed rooms and the presence of your partner will be enough to start a romantic day at the resort. We have a better plan! Take your partner out for a breakfast date by the pool and, if you want, jump in the pool for some great time together!


Stay in this resort and let their staff ensure a romantic experience for you and your partner! The mood lights in the rooms and the elegant decor of the place, all come together to make your holiday romantic. Still don't think it is one of the best couple resorts in Bangalore? Check out their relaxing couple spa sessions and you will agree with us. Love playing outdoor sports with your loved one? Then, rush to their ground area for an engaging badminton, volleyball, or basketball match. Isn’t that something to look out for?

OldeResort, OldeResortBangelor

What if you could have relaxing spa sessions in a romantic setting, all under one roof? If it is possible! With rejuvenating spas, wellness centers and comfortable rooms, the resort is fully equipped to help you plan a relaxing and romantic vacation in Bangalore. Do you want to have a private party with your partner? Open the minibar and play your favorite music on the plasma TV and dim the lights. Quick suggestion.

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If you want to elevate the luxury of your stay, book your suite rooms (most welcome!). Many couples believe that Olde Resort is one of the best resorts near Bangalore for couples. Still not convinced? Book a room and find out for yourself!

GuhantaraResort, GuhantaraResortBanglore

Are you and your beloved adventure lover? If so, you will find paradise at Guhantara Resort. Guhantara, India's first underground cave complex, brings you the thrill of adventure activities and the comfort of leisure. Are you excited to find out more? They offer a variety of exhilarating activities such as zorbing, bungee trampoline, horse riding, quad biking, and caving. This does not mean that you will not be able to relax and have a romantic moment with your soulmate. You can choose to stay in the Letic suites or the primitive rooms, both strategically furnished to maintain the romantic and serene atmosphere. Did you know that it ranks high on the list of the best resorts in Bangalore for couples? Be sure to check the discounts that are frequently offered on your stays.

ShilhaandaraResort, ShilhaandaraResortBanglore

Have you ever lived in an old building in the middle of a mountainous landscape? Not? Well, the desire for her can be a reality because this spa gives you the exact feeling. Associated with lush green trees and rugged hills, this resort can instantly soothe your eyes. It's time to tempt you even more! It has air-conditioned rooms, games room, indoor restaurant and Ayurvedic complexes. clings! there is more! You can enjoy fun sports like paintball, gliding, biking, and kite flying. Our favorite? Dance sessions in the rain! Also, this resort is sure to become your first choice among the couple friendly resorts in Bangalore.

RdNatureRetreat, RdNatureRetreatBanglore

Imagine relaxing on the couch while in the fish spa and having some refreshing drinks. Do you want to try it? Then book your stay at Rd Nature Retreat now! Let the green landscapes add to your relaxing resort experience. It is one of the romantic resorts in Bangalore for couples.

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How? Sit by your own fire at night, enjoy the company of your lover and the enchanting stars and you will understand. How about a candlelight dinner organized especially for you and your partner? Whatever your romantic fantasies, the powers of the resort will make it come true in no time!

JainFarmsResort, JainFarmsResortBemglore

What if you could escape to a picturesque town away from the hustle and bustle of city life? We all want it at least once, right? It is time to fulfill this wish! Jain Farms Resort will take you on a tour of the village and help you relax in the process. You can try some exclusive activities of the town such as pottery making, bull cart ride and much more! Take your partner on a tour of a village-like resort and discover the beauty of village life. After an action-packed ride, jump into the pool for a swim and relax. Enjoy the tranquility that surrounds the town with the luxury of a premium resort. Among the Bangalore resorts for couples, this is the most exclusive. Why? Because it offers the flavor of a traditional village in urban Bangalore.

Golden Palm Resort, Golden Palm Resort Banglore

How about staying in a luxury resort in the middle of nature? Do you look romantic? Well, you can get the exact experience by reserving a room at Golden Palm Resort. With countless palm trees overlooking the resort (pretty obvious from the name!), You'll feel like nothing less than a jungle resort stay. Did you know that they will personalize the decoration of the room if you ask for a romantic atmosphere inside? Well, now you know it! Of course, you can already guess that they offer all the basic amenities and services, including free WiFi, room service, laundry service, free parking, and much more.

Elim Resort, Elim Resort Banglore

Whatever your choice, excitement or entertainment, Elim Resort has you covered. With comfortable rooms, a Jacuzzi, Ayurvedic massages and an indoor bar, this complex is well equipped with facilities. So yes, it is on our list of the best romantic resorts in Bangalore. Host a dream anniversary party for your loved ones in the resort's spacious garden. Do you want a special moment after the party? Order some hearty dishes and fine wines delivered to your room and enjoy an intimate and private party with your spouse. Follow our advice and book your luxury suites for a romantic getaway for two.

Eagleton Resort, Eagleton ResortBanglore

Planning a romantic honeymoon or anniversary trip to Bangalore but not sure where to stay? Relax, Eagleton Resort is here to save you! Its executive suites are decorated with ambient lighting, comfortable beds, a lift sofa and more to create romantic feelings. Take a walk with your partner on the lawn or rejuvenate in the spa. With a host of amenities like free parking, delicious meals, and 24-hour room service, you will surely agree that this resort is among the best resorts in Bangalore for couples.

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