Top Things To Check Before Booking a Hotel

Top Things To Check Before Booking a Hotel

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Vacation is the time where we all forget our daily work commitments and enjoy the happy time to energize ourselves. When it comes to vacation, accommodation is the prime concern. In modern times the peaceful and luxury accommodation acts as a fuel to our soul. But technological innovation is always alarming for everyone. Over the years the technology has made us independent for preplanning of vacation. We are less depended on travel agents. In the internet age, the travel agent has lost contacts, as the customers are booking hotels online and maintain the ease of vacation. There is nothing simpler than booking a hotel on your fingertips. Every day we are visiting thousands of Websites having elaborative reviews, photos of different hotels. Information regarding perfect vacation is present and making customers aware of different options of accommodation. But due to the higher technological fraudulence, we should not believe even what we see on the internet. So in the present scenario, there are so many concerns which we should check before checking or booking a hotel. Also read:- Worlds Smallest Hotel Volkswagen Beetle in Jordan Desert

Tops things we should check before booking a hotel

Types of the Rooms
The hotel offers different options for accommodation. The price also varies. From budget or economic hotels to luxurious presidential suites. So when you are booking a room online be very attentive while choosing accommodation. Always pay attention to the relevant room to the pricing on the site {they usually present the cheapest price for the standard room}. Check the size of the available room. The bathroom amenities and the windows facing in which direction too. Its the general concept that betters the view from the hotel window, more charges the customers need to pay. Please note that some sites show only pretty photos of the room but actually the exact condition of the room might be different. So in cases, the customers must compare the other sites and do consider the refined image of the same hotel. Also read:-Hotels in Bali | Best Luxury Spas in Bali | Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Bali
Dont believe the photos
The first thing which every customer do is that they refer to photos as a primary step of booking a hotel online. The important thumb rule to be followed is that you should pay attention to the pictures of the surrounding shown on the Website. Many Websites shows only the prime attraction, breakfast served and not show the images of the hotels. The customers should be concerned regarding the area, and focus should be on the rooms and their maintenance. Customers often see the same images appear at different hotels located in the same area and that is not taken by the hotel itself. So there are chances of vague ideas and photos too. Another concern is regarding the size of the room, as many hotels use trick photography. They take photos of the room from fisheye camera lenses due to which the rooms appear to be bigger than it actually exists. This happens to those hotels which offer smaller rooms to their customers. So once you decide the hotel, where to stay. Try to check the image of the same hotels on different Websites and find the photos shared by their guests. They are more reliable than the photos posted on the hotel Websites. Also read:-Amazing Hotels You Need To Visit Before You Die
Google Maps

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Once you select the hotel where you want to stay. Instead of getting confused regarding the location of the hotel, check out with Google Maps. Google Maps are the most helpful navigation tools which give customers a clear idea of the hotel located in an unknown land. Just the customers need a simple step to follow. All you need to do is go to their website, type in the exact street name of the hotel that is reflected online and press Enter. When you will press enter you will get two options Street view photosphere- Clicking this option will allow you to travel almost anywhere in the world using photos taken in 360 degrees. Directions- Clicking on this option will open a new window where you can put any additional location an attraction, a restaurant, a museum, etc., and see how far your hotel is from that destination with different transportation methods.
Focused Attention on the fine print
Customers feel blessed when they select a hotel with great facilities and heart-melting location at an affordable price. But dont get so excited after finding a hotel. As many people ignore the fine print information given on the Webpage and skip that. This can be your mistake at this point in time when you are booking a hotel online. Check the cancellation and refund policy for the hotel booking. Will they charge more in case of cancellation of booking? Breakfast is included in the room services or customers need to pay extra. Different countries and cities have different taxation policy. So always check the price of the rooms are inclusive of taxes or extra taxes are applicable. For example-the hotels in Israel dont show the prices inclusive of taxes on their Websites, they will convey you at the time of checkout. So while booking a hotel online be vigilant about fine terms and conditions applied.
Sign up to Websites and received notifications
Sometimes we ignore the pop-up messages which we all receive from different Websites. But if you are planning a vacation then these messages might be helpful for you in grabbing a great online deal. That may make your vacation cheaper too. Sometimes when the excellent rated hotel doesnt show full occupancy in a certain season of holidays then they offer hotel rooms at cheaper prices. So in case you are planning a vacation, then this offer would be a golden chance for you to stay at an excellent hotel at affordable prices. 
Dont be a blind believer
Every hotel shares information regarding their specialties and amenities they provide at their hotel. But sometimes customers may find a huge gap in reality, so in this case try to go through the reviews of the guests, who have already stayed before you are going to check in such hotels. You can also find more reviews by typing a hotel name in Google and adding the word review. People tend to write exactly what makes you curious the level of cleanliness, the quality of the food, the service and surroundings, so its more likely to have a good experience if you just make sure to check out these reviews.
Price change notifications
The customers must receive the price change notification from the concerned hotel where you have made booking online. Some websites do offer price changes applications where the hotels which you have liked earlier will send you to alert regarding their change in prices. Like sometimes it drops and sometimes elevated prices are also shown. So this will be a helpful guide while booking a hotel online.
Official Websites
Always check the official Websites of the hotels which you have kept on your priority list before making an online booking into a hotel. For example, you can get cheaper spa packages, half-board, shuttle service to and from the hotel {often given for free} and even more things the hotel prefers to set prior your arrival for your vacation.
Room Upgardation
Upgraded rooms are usually significantly better than standard rooms, so even if the hotel is cheaper it doesnt necessarily mean that you'll get a room that wont stand up to your expectations. Pay attention to the size of the upgraded room, what it offers and whether it is renovated {since hotels tend to upgrade the more expensive rooms first}.
Try to Book Directly from Hotel Website
Its true that some Websites do give attractive offers to the customers and in order to avail such offers the customers might have to pay extra. So in order to prevent yourself from the extra terms and conditions applied to such offers book your hotel online from the official Website of the hotel which you wish to stay during your vacation. As they show clear and concrete information. Fraudulence can be prevented. So this time when you are planning a vacation and after selecting a hotel, first go through the above-mentioned tips and you would be surprised that how helpful you have found while making your choice regarding the online hotel booking. I am not giving any suggestion its my humble request to just open your eye before booking the hotel rather than opt the hotels blindfolded. Money is an integral part of life and I am sure everyone wants to spend it wisely. Also read:-Stay At This Beer-Themed Hotel Inside A Brewery