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Top Things To Do In Costa Rica | Ngtraveller

Things to do in Costa Rica

Jetsetter Costa Rica is a sovereign Republic of Central America, bordered by Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Panama. The country has densely populated forests with exotic wild species that amaze the nature lovers. Costa Rica is popular for its beaches and volcanoes. Costa Rica is the best destination if you are an ardent nature lover. Here is a guide to the Top things to do in Costa Rica. 15 Best Beaches in the United States Of America
Tortuguero National Park Cruise

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The Tortuguero National Park Cruise has two highlighting segments. First enjoy a drive through the lush and serene forests, listening to the chirps and sequels of the wild. You can spot a few silvery streaked waterfalls and several miniature-sized lagoons on the way and hop on the boat at the coast of Costa Rica. Leave your eyes widened and watch out for the crocodiles that swim, toucans that chirp and the rest of the wild that can stun you. The cruise is priced inclusive of lunch and the company of a guide. Rejuvenate yourselves in the mangroves of Costa Rica.
Rainforest Aerial Tram

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If you wish to add wings to your rainforest exploration, the best way is to take the rainforest aerial tram. One of a kind in Costa Rica, the aerial tram is a 90-minute nature-friendly ride. Peer through the protected rainforest to catch sight of unique species of plants, butterflies, parrots, toucans, and bears of the jungle. Dont forget to add this to your list of the top things to do in Costa Rica.
Irazu Volcano National park

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If you are done and dusted with the greens and lushness, its time to explore the hot volcanoes and steaming hot springs. The Irazu Volcano is the tallest and an active volcano in Costa Rica. Trail your ways to visualize the craters located on the summit of the volcano. These craters house the green lakes. Take your time to enjoy the warmth and do not miss to stunning view of the Pacific Ocean and the Carribean sea form the summit. This is the best place and one of a kind in Costa Rica. As a pre-requisite keep your hiking shoes on the trip. Read more:Major Cities near Worlds Most Fearsome Active Volcanoes
Arenal Park

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Arenal Park is yet another adventure zone within the limits of Costa Rica. The park is designed to give you an adrenaline rush and to kindle the Tarzan in you. The breathtaking view from biplane falls first in the list of adventures here. Swing above the canopy of the forests and in-between the canyons and take a glimpse of the eye-catching views you can find nowhere. The personal river rafting is an attractive session. Jump back on the raft and swirl around the gushing wild water at the rivers of Arenal park. You can climb and challenge the gigantic trees and at Monteverde Natural climbing park. This should find a place in your list of things to do in Costa Rica.
Orosi valley and Lancaster Garden day Tour


Explore the 26 hectare garden with exotic plants planted across the lanes of the garden. Take a minute to look at the wild and colorful flowering plants. The Lancaster garden houses 800 different orchid species, each one with a unique color and shape. Walk your way down the gravel aisle and get fantasized at the sight of cacti and succulents. Take a break at the Spanish colonisations in the town of Orosi and relive the historical moments with the monuments. Include it in your list of things to do in Costa Rica as well.
Get high!

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Costa Rica is a country known for its lush and evergreen coffee plantation estates. How can one miss the visit to a coffee plantation in their list of top things to do in Costa Rica. Several coffee estates let you visualize the process of coffee production. Get carried away by the magnificent processes involved in coffee production. Relish the aroma of coffee that takes up space, feel the roasted coffee seeds on your fingers and see how coffee travels from the seed to your cup. A few coffee estates provide packages along with lunch. Plan them well in advance to have a lively coffee experience.
Trail the Cocoa path

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When you are done and dusted with coffee, its time to add sweetness to your life with chocolates. Cocoa plantations are also given equal importance in Costa Rica. Visit La Fortuna to experience the chocolate dream. See the entire process of making a chocolate drink, right from pod harvesting, seed drying, grinding and cocoa drink making. How can you miss this exclusive chocolate tour in your big list of top things to do in Costa Rica!
The butterfly conservatory

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Are you an insect lover? Get carried away by the wings that colorful butterflies give you. Started as a national project, the butterfly conservatory is the best place for nature lovers. This is now the largest exhibition of butterflies in Costa Rica. Watch the sequence of events in the life of a butterfly, and live in the fantasy world filled with butterflies. Read more:Top 10 beaches in the world with the clearest water It doesnt end here. There are local shopping zones, historical monuments, hanging bridges, uncountable waterfalls that could even leave you breathless. Costa Rica is home to diverse and exotic flora and fauna. Get lost in the world of natures wonder at Costa Rica.