Top things you must do in Ubud

Top things you must do in Ubud

If you are a movie buff, you must remember Julia Roberts cycling through the rice paddy fields in Ubud. Ubud is a hot tourist destination for travelers across the world. Described as the cultural heart of Bali, Ubud is an experience in itself. Located in Central Bali, Ubud is 2 hours from the Bali airport. Ubud is one place you should not miss out on your Bali holiday.

The village is quite touristy and a short trip does not do justice. The village is not a typical village you might think of. It is full of restaurants, spas, shops and yoga studios. The easiest way to get around is by walking. You can also use the local village transport or hire a private driver for your trip.

Here is a list of things you must do in Ubud:

Ubud Palace: The beautiful Ubud palace is in the heart of the town. The palace has stone carvings, is decorated with statues and ornaments which are open to public. The palace remains packed with tourists throughout the day. In the night, there is a Balinese Legong dance in the palace which is a traditional dance with dancers wearing heavy makeup and colorful costumes.

Ubud monkey forest: If you love monkeys, you will enjoy your time at the sacred monkey forest. There are more than 600 monkeys at the forest and it will be a memorable experience for you.

Art Museums and galleries: There are ample of art galleries and museums in Ubud that show the best of modern and traditional style of art. One of the best museums in Ubud is the Museum of Fine Arts which has the best examples of all schools of Balinese art.

Spa: A visit to Bali is incomplete without a spa. With a number of spas and salons, there are plenty of treatments you can choose from. The spa will heal you mentally and physically.

Art and craft: You will not find as many handmade arts and crafts anywhere in Bali except Ubud. With a wide range of shops, boutiques and galleries, you will be spoilt for choice. Shop for arts and crafts for your home in Ubud.

Walk through the rice fields: Soak in the beauty of the rice paddies by enjoying a lovely walk. There are a number of rice field walks you can take.

Bali Yoga: Ubud has gained popularity due to its yoga. There are a number of yoga classes and yoga options which offer new trends. Indulge in the traditional yoga exercise and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Taste the worlds most expensive Luwak coffee: There are a large number of coffee plantations in Ubud. It is famous for Kopi Luwak which is an expensive coffee made from Asian palm civet droppings. You can learn about the process of coffee making and taste the different coffees while in Ubud.

Go shopping: The Ubud market is a bustling market that can be explored on foot. It sells everything from clothes, souvenirs, handicrafts and sarongs. Always remember to bargain before you buy anything.

There are a number of accommodation options to choose from. You can choose budget friendly options or opt for luxurious villas. Ubud looks beautiful throughout the year and you will be able to view the best sunset from the paddy fields.