Top Unconventional Thrills in Korea

Top Unconventional Thrills in Korea

Korea is the most loved travel destination for travelers around the World, is also famous for its unconventional thrilling activities. A thrilling experience is basically the experience of unexpected things in life. Travel is the greatest human freedom and the unconventional thrills in Korea which will surely add a spark to your freedom. In common views, we figure out Korea with its delicious cuisine, rich culture, and trendy fashionable styles. Aside from catching the views from Namsan Tower, shopping at Myeong-dong and indulging in yummy street food at the roadside pojangmacha stalls, theres more to Korea that you dont know about yet. The unexplored side the unconventional thrills in Korea.So here is the list of top unconventional thrills in Korea, which every adventure seeking soul should try as some places makes you alive again.
Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital


The first among the list is spooking yourself at the Gonjiam Psychiatric hospital. Gonjiam is nestled in Gwangju, South Korea and it is claimed to be one of the scariest locations in the World. It was abandoned in the year 1996, due to some mysterious death of the patients. There are many reasons for the sudden closure of this place. So if you want to experience some kind of paranormal activities then head towards this scary hospital in South Korea. Be careful not to offend any spirits when you are there.Also read:-10 Best Places To Visit In South Korea: Perfect Recipe For An Exotic Asian Vacation
Jeongseon County Zipwire

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The County Zipwire will give you a thrilling experience in Korea. It is the longest and steepest Zipline ride in ALL OF ASIA at Jeon seon County Zipwire. When you will start the journey you will find how amazing the experience you have.
Statistics of Zipwire
Length: 3,900 feet longAverage Percent Grade: 35%Top Speed: 60 miles per hourCables: Four cables, side-by-sideThe mountains of Jeong Seon County, South Korea have always offered an abundance of outdoor activities. From the numerous hiking trails for cycling or cruising the river, there is no shortage of places to explore. Accelerating to a maximum speed of 60mph in just seconds will take your breath away, but the patented ZipRider trolley will safely control the descent. Then sit back, enjoy the ride and the stunning views of the mountains and Han River valley below. Sharing this 3,900-foot experience with three of your best friends or family members riding beside you will be a memory that will last forever.
Cheongdo Wine Tunnel

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The name itself is full of thrill. This tunnel was opened in the year 2006, it was used by the wine cellar for storing Bansi (persimmon). Bansi wine is a specialty of Cheongdo. Customers can purchase a variety of wine available in the bar and caf in the tunnel. The entry to this tunnel is free. The temperature inside the tunnel is 13-15 degrees throughout the year, which is the best escape from the summer heat and in winter it gives the best way to avoid the blistering cold.Also read:-Things You Must Not Miss in Morocco
Silent Disco
The Silent Disco is the best place to hang out with your friends and enjoy the music. An all-new experience of taping your feet with the earphones in which music is transmitted by DJs. Music lovers love dancing in solidarity on the streets. You and all your friends are dancing and having a spectacular time to the same music, but to those without headphones, you are dancing in complete, awkward silence. Although it is not a new thing, yes, its an amazing thing and it must be included in the list when you want to have an unconventional thrilling experience in Korea.
4 D Cinema
4D cinemas in Korea offer you a unique opportunity to truly immerse yourself in movies. The theatre has special effects including wind, scent, vibration, water and many more. These "4D-X" theaters, which have opened in several CGV locations across Seoul as well as in Daegu and Busan, feature large, cushy seats with footrests, and all manner of gadgets, hidden and visible, embedded in the seats themselves. Korea will give you a thrilling experience of action movies in 4D Cinemas.
Bungee Jumping

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Bungee Jumping is common throughout the world, but the unparalleled and the unconventional thrilling experience of Bungee Jumping in Korea is due to off crane. The highest bungee jump platform in Korea is at Cheongpung Land, 62 meters above the ground. Bungee Jumping off the Crane can be a reward for your courage. But this rewarding experience is something which you will never regret in your life.
Jjimjilbang (Korean bathhouse)

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When you are on vacation in Korea, unfold the life of the locals and pamper yourself at Jimbilbang. Each bathhouse has a wide variety of unique pool offerings, from indoor to outdoor pools, as well as different saunas with different minerals. They also have massage chairs, TVs and mats. The mats are provided for the guests to lie down and enjoy the quick power nap. After the rejuvenating session in the bathhouse, enjoy delicious ramen along with the refreshing iced sikhye (barley tea) after a good sweat.
Boryeong Mud Festival
When you are in Korea, missing the mud festival at Boryeong will be just like committing a sin. Getting dirty is beneficial for your skin as the mud is having high mineral content which gives your skin a natural glow. Mud bath facilities are also available. It was started in 1996 to promote the skin care cosmetics made from the mud, but suddenly it became popular at international level and due to its huge fan following it is organized annually and its the best source of revenue too. It is held during July every year. So dont leave an inch of your body clean, just immerse yourself in the heavenly experience.Also read:-Boryeong Mud Festival
Stay at a themed pension room for a night


The prime component of every vacation is accommodation. In Korea, you can have add on advantage of staying at themed accommodation. The room is a perfect blend of spamming pictures and selfies while enjoying a unique sleeping experience. Cozy Theme or Unique Pension at Gapyeong offers an incredible experience for the guests. I am sure you will love it so much that you dont want to leave.
Korean Demilitarized Zone- North Korea

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When you will step into this zone. The history lovers will get a golden chance to peep into the Worlds most isolated destinations in North Korea. Explore the Panmunjom (Joint Security Area), the 3rd Tunnel, and the Dora Observatory to get a better understanding of North-South confrontations. The travelers will gain knowledge about the unique humanitarian crisis. The experience is unforgettable and incredible.So this time when your soul asks you for some unparalleled experience, then depart yourself to Korea and have the most unconventional thrilling experience in Korea and add on to the golden chapters of your lifetime memories.Also read:-Game of Thrones Destination