Uncover Blood-Curdling Experiences Visiting Jagatpura Fort In Jaipur

Uncover Blood-Curdling Experiences Visiting Jagatpura Fort In Jaipur

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A Story ofJagatpuraFort / Places to Visit in Jaipur

Have you ever experienced the eerie voice or sight? Are you enough brave to experience so? Then your next destination could be the Jagatpura, Jaipur. It is hard to believe that people live with witches in the 21st century too. But, it is true. There are certain places in Rajasthan where people live with witches. A story of Jagatpura Fort reveals the fact. Among the many scenic places to visit in Rajasthan, there are a number of tourist spots that can give you ghostly vibe if you are ready to undergo.Yes, it may sound wired but it is true beyond a doubt that Jagatpura Fort is a haunted place. Courage is required to walk on Jagatpura Fort at night. It is not that people do not dwell in Jagatpura. But the scenario of Jagatpura changed at night comparing to daytime. People hesitate to come outside their homes if there is no such emergency. It is reported many times that scary sounds and supernatural activities were experienced by casual observers. Hence, dwellers of Jagatpura avoid nighttime activities and they try to stay inside the home.Read more:-Rajasthan The Royal Weekend

Ghost Story of Jagatpura

If you are the one who is highly inquisitive to hit the eerie places in Jagatpura, then you must read the content to undergo the untold story of Jagatpura.It is scary to believe that people are dwelling with witches in Rajasthan. But, Jagatpura village and its dwellers are the burning examples. History Follows: According to History, it is said that there was a cruel king livid in Jagatpura Village. The king was not only cruel but also careless of the feelings of others and voracious. People who had lived under the rule of the king died out of hunger. Before they had died, they cursed the king as much as they were in pain. Their pain for lives, food, and suffering are enough to make the place, Jagatpura a cursed city. Therefore, it is believed that the souls of those people who died in this village loiter at night. The village transformed into a scary place when the moon comes at night. Eerie Incidents: People do not dare walk alone at night in the village till today. If any emergency arrives, then they walk in groups, finish the purpose, and come back home in groups. Many people already have experienced whispering and guffawing at nights. Even, spirits have been observed at night. It is said that an old lady in white attire and loose grey hair haunts the village after sundown. Sometimes, tourists came across spirits who still request for help.Though, the souls do not harass people. But, it is enough to get frightened when you experience a sound or vibe from a bodiless object.Jagatpura Jaipur haunted story is the real one and people are there who believe in the story as they experience so many eerie events till date. If you are brave enough and you want to undergo the spine-chilling experience, then Jagatpura is your next call.Also read:-Challenge the foodie in you with the biggest thalis in India
Haunted Places to Visit in Jaipur apart from Jagatpura
Jagatpura is not only the place to visit in Jaipur. Jaipur, the pink city is known for its regal history and forts. If you are looking to explore a beautiful place with unfold stories of raja, maharajas and their dynasties, and then Jaipur, Rajasthan is second to none. Whether you have a quest to have a close look of royal families and their stories, or you want to experience something gloomy and uncanny, Jaipur city has so many gifts to unwrap and. Let us put a glance at the places to visit in Jaipur that give you the same ghostly vibe like Jagatpura with a royal legacy.1. Bhangarh Fort: It is the scariest fort located in Jaipur. The fort is considered the number one eerie place in India. Visitors are prohibited to visit the place. Archaeological Survey of India also puts up a notice not to enter in the area after 5 pm.2. Nahargarh Fort: Another scary fort in Jaipur is the Nahargarh Fort. It is said that the spirit of Nahar Singh Bhomia dawdles in the fort after dark.3. Jal Mahal Palace: It is one of the eeriest palaces in Jaipur. The palace is built in the middle of water, the Man Sagar Lake. Jal Mahal is a five-storied building, whereas four stories are built under the water. Reports say that screams, wired sounds, and scary voices come from the palace.4. Brij Raj Bhawan: The palace transformed into a heritage hotel in Jaipur. It is said that Major Charles Burton and his family were killed in the palace by Indian soldier during the revolt of 1857. It is reported that the spirit of the Major is observed in the palace during the night, even a few visitors have listened to the sound of stomping by heavy boots and wired sounds of command at night. Though the spirit does not harm any, he does not tolerate the negligence during duty hours. Hence, guards or workers who take snaps during duty hours get slapped suddenly by a spirit.Also read:-Indias first PUBG-themed restaurant opens in Jaipur5. Rana Kumbha Palace: If you have watched the movie Padmavati in the year 2018, then you must have heard the name Rana Kumbha Palace. The palace is renowned after the name Rani Padmini. Rani and her 100 dispels (the only woman) performed Jawhor the self-immolation to save themselves and their chasteness from the greedy and evil eyes of Allauddin Khilji and his troop. It is also said, Rani Padmini and she dispel loiter in the palace at night with burnt faces and they cry for help and scream out of agony.6. Kuldhara Village: The village is situated near to Jaisalmer. Since 300 years the village is left deserted. Many people including visitors experienced creepy things in the village. It is also reported, nights in the village are scary and full of wired sounds.Sudhabay (exorcism spot in Pushkar) and National Highway- 79 near Dudu Village have kept the same eerie vibe like Jagatpura on visitors as well as on dwellers. If you love to experience the eerie vibe in your life then you must visit these places once in your lifetime.Also read:-Extraordinary Destinations Around Delhi That No One Talks About