Visit to Van Vihar Manali- A Complete Guide you should know before your visit

Visit to Van Vihar Manali- A Complete Guide you should know before your visit

One of Manali's most well-liked tourist destinations is the Van Vihar National Park, which is renowned for its verdant landscape and natural setting. The Van Vihar Manali, which is located on the well-known mall Road in front of the Tibetan Market and is surrounded by sky-touching deodar trees, has emerged as a popular destination for people to spend a fun-filled day trip with their families as well as for nature lovers to have a close encounter with life itself.

Here, you can take a stroll, get a little bit close to nature, and see some unusual birds and creatures. To make the most out of your vacation, you can also enjoy boating on a man-made lake. Actually, one of the major reasons visitors choose to visit this location is because of the lake, which is regarded as the park's biggest attraction.

Activities in Van Vihar Manali Nature Reserve

While there are plenty of fascinating things to do and see during the day, there are a few sports you simply must partake in if you want to get the most out of your time spent in this park. Which are:

Picnic Spot

Take your loved ones out for a picnic: The Van Vihar Manali National Park is a great place for a half-day trip for people of all ages and makes for a lovely picnic location for both locals and visitors looking for some quiet time. It's one of the most beautiful places for nature enthusiasts to visit because of the magnificent sunset view set against a stunning mountain backdrop.

Paddle Boating in India

Go Boating: Whether you want to spend an hour or an entire day in the park, don't forget to go boating. Boating on a lake that is crystal clear brings you great delight and happiness because you can constantly see the tiny fish coming up. Up to four persons can fit in the boats there, which are manually propelled by oars. If you want to paddle the boat with the current of the water, you may also wish to hire paddle boats. 


Engage in Photography:
Take photos to remember your trip to this place forever. Van Vihar Manali National Park provides several possibilities for photographers to capture stunning images of nature complemented by lush vegetation from all around the area. It is a photographer's paradise. You can also get as many photos of yourself taken here with a great background.

Tall Woods

Unwind for a While:
After a long, busy day at work, visit the park to rest and unwind. Tourists can enjoy some ME time here in the peace and quiet of the tall woods. Here, you may take in the lush vegetation, see the immaculate lake, and watch several lovely birds flitting around.

In addition, the park enables visitors to stroll or exercise along the designated track.

The Van Vihar Manali National Park also offers a variety of swings for kids' pleasure in addition to all these other activities. It has plenty of room for your children to play games, interact with people of their same age, and have the fun of their lives.

Van Vihar Manali, Entry Fees, Opening & Closing hours 

With only a small entrance cost, everyone may enjoy this park's splendor. Van Vihar Manali National Park requires an entrance fee of INR 5 per person. Those who register for boating must pay an extra fee. The fee of a 15-minute paddle boat excursion is INR 30 per person. The boat can be rented for an extended amount of time for an additional fee.

Depending on the season, the park has different hours for opening and closing. In the summer, the park is open from 8 AM to 7 PM; in the winter, it shuts at 5 PM (because of the snowfall and freezing temperature). The park may be thoroughly explored in little more than one or two hours. In reality, a single hour is frequently plenty for visitors to thoroughly explore the park and take use of the boating opportunities.

Tips for Traveling to Van Vihar Manali National Park

Don't smoke anywhere on the park's property.

Avoid dumping rubbish on the ground. In the park, there are trash cans.

The ideal cloth to pack for your trip to Manali is pure cotton. Depending on the season you're traveling, you must also pack pullover sweaters and other warm clothing.

It is recommended that you bring your own meals because there might or might not be a food outlet within the park. Alternatively, you can eat outside the park at one of the nearby cafes or restaurants.

Avoid going to Van Vihar Manali National Park when it's raining. The area experiences heavy rains, which could cause the roads that lead up to this park to become impassable.Additionally, the area grows muddy, making it challenging for you to explore.

The Best Time to Visit Van Vihar Manali National Park

In all seasons, the Van Vihar Manali National Park is stunning. Due to the significant rainfall this area experiences during the monsoons, it is best to avoid it during that time. To put it simply, you can arrange a trip here for either the summer or the winter.

The summertime climate is consistently nice and mild, allowing visitors to explore the park in the utmost comfort. This time of year is said to be ideal for anyone who wants to escape the oppressive heat their city is experiencing, with average temperatures occasionally falling as low as 10 degrees Celsius. For those looking to escape the oppressive heat their city is experiencing, this season is said to be ideal. You may enjoy boating in this park without being required to bring sweatshirts and other bulky winter clothing, which is an added benefit of going at this time of year.

The wintertime is another time to visit this park. The park is covered in a white sheet at this time, from October to February, which makes it appear even more captivating. You cannot go boating at this time since the lake's water freezes because of the snowfall in December. Therefore, avoid going to the park if you want to participate in this activity.

How can I go to Van Vihar Manali National Park?

Manali, a well-known hill station in India, is easily reachable by ardent visitors using all forms of transportation. But it is best to reach it by road because it still has excellent road links to the nearby towns.

For your convenience, the HSRTC department offers frequent transport service to and from Manali during the entire day. All of these publicly owned buses take you to the town's well-known tourist attractions, such as the Van Vihar National Park, allowing you to comfortably see the must-see tourist sites. You can also opt for a personal or a luxurious bus to enjoy a hassle-free road trip to Manali, depending on your budget.

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