Water Places Near Bangalore That Will Grace Your Instagram Grid

Water Places Near Bangalore That Will Grace Your Instagram Grid

What you miss in childhood can manifest in adulthood at the amazing water spots near Bangalore.
Listen people from Bangalore, what do you usually do on the weekends? It is very likely that you will be able to catch up a little sleep or take a walk through the same places that you have visited dozens of times in Bangalore.
So come on, kids of the water, do something fun on your next weekend trip from Bangalore. Give yourself the rejuvenation you need in the water-focused spots near Bangalore on a 1-2 day trip.

Pamper the water child in you by singing “Aaj Blue Hai Paani Paani” at the best water spots near Bangalore. Let the nostalgia hit you as you cool off in the surf pools for hours, queue up the slides, or submerge the waterfall.
The famous water spots near Bangalore are the collection of waterfalls, parks and water parks. Most of them make up the lush green backdrops of the background.

Thottikallu Falls

Thottikallu Falls is located near Kanakpura Road, a beautiful water place near Bangalore 50 kilometers away and located in the middle of the jungle.
It is necessary to walk about 0.5 km (approximately) to reach the falls from the parking area, a distance that is also easy for children to cover!
The waterfalls descend from the large rock, and the average height of the waterfalls is 90-100 feet (approx.).
There is a famous temple: the Munywara temple at its base. Thottikallu Falls is synonymous with "Swarm Mukhi Falls", which means golden face because the water looks golden in broad daylight.
Surrounded by lush green surroundings, Thottikallu Falls invites migratory birds into the monsoon and winter season when the falls are in full swing. It is located 2 km around the restaurants of Thottikallu Falls.

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Note: Expect to pay the parking fee and return from the venue before 5 p.m.

Chunchi Falls

There is a taluk near Bangalore 100 kilometers away called Kanakapura, where Chunchi Fall is located. Ideally, this fall comes to Mekedatu and Sangam.
What's not to love about Chunchi Falls, surrounded by lush green vegetation? For the best shot, visit the falls during the day on a dry, sunny day and skip the monsoons to enjoy the nice greenery.
Chunchi Falls is located on the banks of the Arkavathi River. To get to the falls, you have to traverse a narrow muddy rocky path for 10 minutes to reach the lookout point.
On your way to the lookout, stop at the observation tower to open up 360-degree panoramic views of the rocky and wooded terrain.
There are no restaurants or shops near the fall base or parking area, so stocking up with a bottle of water is a good idea.

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Note: Swimming is strictly prohibited inside Chunchi Falls due to the strong currents and the presence of crocodiles.

Hanuman Gundi Falls

Escape to most of the Hanuman Jundi waterfalls near Bangalore within a 400km radius if within reach for a couple of days. It is one of the adventurous water spots near Bangalore in the mountainous areas surrounding the Kudremukh National Park in Chikmagalur.
It is a stepped waterfall surrounded by jagged rocks and managed by the Kudremukh National Park forest department.
Expect to take 300 steps to reach this seasonal waterfall and enjoy the serene green landscape that surrounds you!
You must have agility and stamina to go through rocks. At the foot of the waterfall there is a lake where you can relax with your safety in mind.
Security guards and lifeguards are available at the base of the falls.

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Note: The entrance fee is free for everyone. However, you have to pay INR 40 (approximately) to enter from the gate.

Hogenakkal Falls

Boating at Hogenakkal Falls can be enjoyed during the dry season if you're willing to drive a little more from the city 150 miles away. Ideally, this fall falls on the borders of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
A little effort will reward you with the illusion of smoke swaying as it snakes and cascades down from heights in full force. This is the reason why Hujnakkale Falls are described as Niagara Falls.
Swimming and walking through the Hogenakkal Falls forest are some of the best activities to enjoy with friends. The waterfall is pleasing to the eye and locals believe that it has medicinal properties to treat ailments.
Hogenakkal Falls are filled with carbonate rocks and are located on the banks of the Kaveri River. Kaveri cut these carbonate rocks and formed them on slopes at different elevations as the falls flow.
Did we mention that Hogenakkal Falls is the same place where B-Town Raavan starred in Aishwariya and her husband filmed a scene?

Note: Admission is free, but activities are enjoyed at an additional cost.