World's Smallest Hotel - Volkswagen Beetle in Jordan Desert

World's Smallest Hotel - Volkswagen Beetle in Jordan Desert


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The world smallest hotel is in the Jordan desert. In a general idea, the hotel seems to be a luxurious experience and huge rooms to enjoy comfort. But the concept of a hotel has found new destination inside a Volkswagen Bettle In Jordan. Al Malaheem (Commonly known as Abu Ali) is the owner of the smallest hotel inside the white Volkswagen Bettle in Jordan. Also read:-Unfold Beauty And Adventure Of Five Unreal Hotel Rooms Around The World Al Malaheem (owner of the smallest hotel) was working in the government sector. He lives in Al Jaya village which is located near Al Shoubak (south of the capital Amman) in Jordan. After his retirement in 1990, he thought to sell some drinks (like tea, coffee) and eatables too to improve the economic conditions of his family as his pension was not enough to support his family. Al Maheem then took his first step and put the tent at the door of Shobak Castle (Shobak Castle is an early 12th-century Crusader castle in barren surroundings) and started selling hot and soft drinks. In addition to eatables, he also started selling antique jewelry and heritage clothing. When he started his small business he felt that so many people have fled away from the region for education, employment etc. So he decided that he will do something to increase the tourism of his village (Al Jaya). Then he bought a Volkswagen car from a friend and came out with the bright idea to convert the car into the smallest hotel in the world. smallest hotel in the world Image

Hotel Lobby

The doors of the hotel were opened in 2011. To give his dreams shape AL Malaheem took a financial loan from the Ministry of Social Development to set up Hotel Lobby inside a nearby cave. He's named it "Baldwin's Grotto"; a nod to Baldwin I of Jerusalem, who built the impressive castle, Montreal, in nearbyAl Shoubak in 1115. The reception of the hotel is situated in the lap of nature (situated in Cave). At the reception, guests are offered with tea, coffee, and traditional Jordan snacks after check-in.
Features of the smallest hotel in the world
# The smallest hotel has Hotel Lobby in the cave. # A kiosk-style store is available selling antiques, jewelry, gemstones, and historical artifacts. # The smallest hotel has the capacity of two persons at a time. #In this smallest hotel one can have a five-star experience. #Traditional Jordian Breakfast and lunch are served to the guests prepared by Abu Alis wife and daughters. #The lunch and breakfast are served in a traditional Bedouin way. #Inside a lobby visitors will find the photographs of happy faces of satisfied travelers and thank you messages with sparkling notes and signatures. # Guests enjoy the five-star experience at only $75 (40 Jordian Dinars). # The guests enjoy the repurposed jalopy furnished by Abu Ali's daughter. Adorned with handmade embroidered sheets and pillows decorated with traditional patterns and embellished with colorful beads, it's a unique experience. #The hospitality provided by the Abu Alis at this hotel in Volkswagen Bettle is an incredible and unusual experience to cherish your whole life through. The Guinness Book of World Records recognizes Germanys Ehhusl Hotel as the worlds smallest hotel. With an eight-foot-wide, 173-square-foot floor plan, its easy to see why. But, Al Malaheem is currently in the process of usurping that title. Al Malaheem has many more plans to add comfort to the Volkswagen Bettle smallest hotel in future. At present, its not the smallest hotel in the world but surely its experience is unforgettable. Also read:-Luxury Villas In Vietnam