The World's First Feni Cellar In Goa

The World's First Feni Cellar In Goa



If this vacation you are heading towards Goa, then Feni lovers will get a visual treat. Yes rightly read... The Goa has opened World s first Feni Cellar. So travelers besides the beach, seafood, and Sun, make room for a tour at the Worlds first feni cellar in Goa. The worlds first Feni cellar is the brainchild of Hansel Vaz. He is the founder of Cazulo Premium Feni. The initiative taken by Hansel Vaz was revolutionary in the field of Feni history. Hansel stated that it was an attempt to preserve Goas heritage and make feni worldwide popular. After distilling the much loved Cazulo Premium Feni, Hansel Vaz has now come up with first-of-its-kind cellar, true dedication to give Feni its rightful place.Also read:-Cottages In Goa Are Perfect For A Well Deserved Break!


The worlds first Feni Cellar is located in an old distillery and cashew orchard in Cansaulim, South Goa. We should be grateful to the Hansel Vaz whos first love is feni.

Features of Worlds first Feni Cellar in Goa

A newly minted tasting room is Beco das Garrafas,. That translates from Portuguese for alley of bottles. The Worlds first Feni Cellar has the perfect blend to attract tourists and the new generation of Goans to love the local liquor with a unique experience true to Goa. The Cazulo family also manufactures bottled coconut and cashew feni. The Worlds First Feni Cellar in Goa is a long hut-like structure with long shelves that run the length of it. The cellar is the home of 1200 green, brown and transparent balloon shaped bottles. Inside the cellar, there is a long table where all tastings happen. The tour includes a feni tasting session. The travelers can walk through the farm, pick cashew fruits and stomp it too.Price: Rs 2,000 per head, tasting and food includedContact: 8605008185

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Unique idea

When the guests will enter the cellar, the first appearance will be the entrance through the green door with loud mustard-colored walls. Then the guests will be transported into a world of breathtaking garrafoes small, big and giant ones. The round-bellied glass garrafoes with narrow necks are used for resting Feni after the distillation and before the commercial use. The oldest Feni is 300 years old. Goans have been drinking Feni for centuries, but not many know its history. The Feni history can be traced from sometime in 1583 in a Dutch spys handwritten notes, that must have been one of the links, to the arrival of Europeans descending in Goa. Feni has remained intrinsically a Goan heritage.Also read:-10 luxury villas in Goa to rent out instead of those posh hotels!The travelers can take around the plantation to see the process that starts at the fruit stage and ends at the cellar. Hansel stated that earlier only tree tree-ripened cashew apples that have fallen are picked and taken for crushing. The cashew apples are de-seeded and dropped into a stomping area Colmbi. Colmbi is usually a rock cut into a basin shape. The cashew apples are stomped to release the juice. But in the modern age, the stomping is gradually replaced by the use of press popularly known as (Pingre). But the Hansel Vaz still opt for the traditional method. The traditional method still includes stomping by stones. The juice produced after the extraction is known as Niro and is refreshing to drink. Then the juice is poured into a large earthen pot called a kodem, which is buried halfway in the ground and left while the juice ferments for three days.After the fermentation process, the distillation process is followed. Fermented Cashew juice is poured into earthen pots for distillation process and the traditional pot is known as Bhatti. The distillate is collected in an earthen pot called a Launni. The tradition of cold water being continuously poured on the launni to condense the distillate has now been replaced by immersing a coil in cold water. The process is very elaborative and expensive too.Also read:-Best places to stay in North Goa

The vintage style of Bottles

The worlds first Feni Cellar in Goa is surrounded by 1200 bottles in every imaginable shape, size, and different colors. Hansel Vaz has taken keen interest and pain in preserving these bottles. These bottles are large bellied hand-blown glass bottles. Cazulo makes 35,000 to 40,000 liters every season.Cazulo Premium Feni Experience is an all-new way to discover the world of Feni. It involves a visit to a cashew orchard, a walk through the traditional distillery, a tasting session and finally, an al-fresco meal under the sun/or stars (in the middle of a spice plantation).Also read:-Best places to visit in Goa