Apply for a travel pass for Delhi and Gurugram during the lockdown here

Apply for a travel pass for Delhi and Gurugram during the lockdown here

The country is going to stay in lockdown until 14th April 2020. This step has been taken by the Indian government in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, to contain the spread of the virus. 

People have been restricted from going out of their homes and need to stay indoors so that they can combat the transmission of this deadly virus. As the curfew has been going on, the government has shut down the railways and the interstate buses hence completely stopping the inter-state movement of people in the country. 

Because of this move, thousands of migrant workers came on to the roads to walk the way back to their villages, which has further worsened the situation and as a result, there is a lot of chaos and hassles everywhere. 

The nationwide 21-day lockdown has been imposed with a uniform policy for all the Indian states to follow along with several measures including the strict and drastic ones.

The Residents of India have been ordered to stay in their homes. As most of the transportation services have been shut down, there are several people who have been trying to apply to get an e-pass for traveling during the ongoing curfew in Delhi. Although, all the major essential service providers can easily get an e-pass for traveling in Delhi there are many who are still not aware of the process of getting one.

So, to make the process simple for the people in the capital, the Delhi Government has launched a website The website lets the people apply for an e-pass for traveling in Delhi during the curfew and also has several options available on it for seeking help for food and ration as well.

The e-pass has been issued by the state government of Delhi to help give people permission to travel in the state during the ongoing lockdown. 

Other than this, the online portal will provide help to the daily wage workers to get adequate food, ration, compensation of Rupees 5000 and the amount of pension. 

To avail for the e-pass, the person has to visit the website mentioned above and submit certain details about him including his/her name, address, contact number, type of service and ID proof.

In the same way, there is a portal for the people of Gurugram. They need to visit the portal to get a pass for traveling during the lockdown. 

In reference to this, the Gurugram DC has tweeted that these passes will be given only in those cases where the work is unavoidable and extremely important. The person will have to mention the purpose of his/her travel and needs to have a valid ID proof to justify the reason for their travel during this lockdown.

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